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Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Welcome to Shawn & Jenn!  Shawn and Jenn Worden are the driving force behind Simply Shawn & Jenn.  We share 4 children, (Catie, Bud, Vayda and Madisyn).  Shawn works as a mechanic and Jenn works as a store manager in the banking industry.  Where I effectively manage more than 15 employees and exceed store goals.  We use our experience in both the professional and family life to bring you awesome trips and maintain our steadily growing blog(s).

Jenn also runs 3 other blogs, and just lunched a media group, where she helps connect bloggers and businesses.  Simply Shawn & Jenn primarily focuses on family life, amazing deals, giveaways and reviews.  I hope you’ll stay for the fun, check out my other blogs and visit Shawn & Jenn Worden on Facebook or Google.

We have worked with businesses, doing product reviews, giveaways, marketing products such as, Glass Handbag, Progressive, and SodaStream to name a few.  We’re over 15K strong and growing rapidly.  If you want more fun be sure to visit Jenn’s other blogs:  Jenns Blah Blah Blog, Pink Ninja Blogger, Moms Vacation Spots, and the newest edition, Pink Ninja Media.  Jenn is the creator of Pink Ninja Media, which is where she helps connect awesome brands with amazing bloggers.                                                                                             

Please feel free to contact me regarding any work needed, by visiting my contact me page.

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  1. Hey Jenn;
    I just wanted to let U know that I am in awe of how U run your pages, it’s just awesome & I have NO idea of how U can run three pages, three children, a hubby & work & everything seem like it’s done with ease..that’s how U make it look girl & I just want to say THANK U for all your hard work & to also tell U that out of ALL hundreds of emails I get daily, I NEVER skip over any of yours! They’re must-read emails/newsletters & I enjoy them & keep on keeping on; U are doing a spectacular job & U are a wonderful person to know!!!! BRAVO!!!

  2. Holly Uhler says:

    Wow… I have no Idea how you do this. I’m a newbie blogger and right now? I couldn’t begin to fathom running 3? 4? pages… Kudos to you