Things Blaze and the Monster Machines Can Teach Your Sons

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Blaze and the Monster Machines are a new television series that I honestly was not previously familiar with.  We watch a lot of Nickelodeon in our house when we watch TV but that is not really very often.  We actually prefer to not watch TV most of the time or just to have it on for background noise.  However I sat down with Huxley when we got this video because he was very excited.  I wanted to know what he was so excited about.

blaze 1

Blaze and the Monster Machines — Blaze of Glory is a new DVD that was first available on February 17th, 2015.  This DVD features Blaze and his monster truck friends.

blaze 2

The most exciting thing about this series for me is that it really does teach your children a lot.  In fact there is actually a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) curriculum built into the series.  Let me share a little bit with you on the types of things that your child is going to learn when watching this series.

What Your Child Can Learn From Blaze and His Driver, AJ


Yes, your child is really going to be getting a physics lesson in when they are watching this charming series.  They will learn about the physics of mechanics and how things move.


There are a few different science lessons that your child will learn with this fun series.  They are going to learn about scientific inquiry and how to solve problems.  These are both things that they can actually start using in their day to day life to make things easier for themselves.


They will be solving basic equations and problems as part of their problem solving skills.


They are also going to learn  about different types of technology and how they work.


Thanks to the funny things going on in the series, your child is really going to be entertained.  Also since there are original songs it can turn into fun for the whole family.  This is one series that is sure to entertain and will surely not disappoint you!

How Dora and Friends Can Make a Positive Impact on Your Daughters

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I have to admit that there are not many TV shows for children that I will actually sit and watch.  I try not to have the TV on too often for my kids.  In fact, my general rule of thumb is to use the TV when I need to get things done but to keep it off other times throughout the day.  Well, I have caught myself sitting with my girls and watching Dora and Friends: Into the City.

Dora and Friends

I am a little late to share this adventure with you as Dora and Friends:  Into the City was released on DVD a few weeks ago on February 10th.  Nickelodeon has really seemed to do it again with this series that features a grown up version of Dora.  I wanted to share a few of my personal thoughts about how Dora and Friends is a great show for your daughters to watch.

Dora and Friends 2

Ten Reasons Dora and Friends Is Good For Your Little Girls

1.  Dora and her friends dress appropriately.

In a world that seems to want our daughters to grow up too quickly, it can be refreshing to find a TV show where little girls dress like little girls.

2.  It can help promote a positive body image.

So many cartoons and TV shows feature body images that are not easily obtained.  In fact, most cartoons feature body images that are not natural.  However in Dora and Friends your daughter is going to see cartoon characters that have a body shape similar to their own.

3.  It teaches you can be friends with everyone.

There are children from different ethnic backgrounds.  Plus Dora is friends with boys and girls.

4.  The series teaches problem solving skills.

While some parents might not have been fans of Dora all along, I have been.  I loved that the original series helped to teach your child to solve problems.  This new series does the same thing.  Your child will love going on advnetures with Dora and her friends as they learn to solve problems together.

5.  Your child will learn to have a positive attitude.

No matter how bad things seem for Dora, she is always looking at the bright side of things.

6.  Your child learns never to say “can’t”.

Even when things seem impossible, Dora is not a quitter.  She does not say that she “can’t” do something.  Instead she focuses on how she can solve the problem at hand.

7.  Your child learns how they can be a part of a team.

Teamwork is another HUGE skill that needs to be done.  Being a part of a team can be challenging but when you work together you learn so many valuable skills.  Dora teaches your child these valuable skills and helps her to learn how she is valuable part of a team.

8.  Your daughter will learn the importance of friendship.

Far too often I see young girls obsessed with boys and “dating.”  While I know that I was this way, I wish that I been taught more about making lasting friendships and not worrying about having a boyfriend.  I love that at things like the dance in “The Royal Ball” that Dora spends her time building friendships.

9.  It will help your daughter stay young.

I am not one of those moms who wants my children to grow up too fast.  I love that Dora and Friends is a nice balance of what my daughter is interested in watching and what I want her to see.  I do not feel that there is any pressure from the series for her to grow up too soon.

10.  It can help build self confidence.

Your daughter is going to be more self confident when she can problem solve and have lasting friendships.  Watching Dora and Friends can really make this possible for you.

Being able to share a television show with my daughter that I can really feel good about is priceless to me.  I love that the Dora and Friends series really helps my daughter to learn how to be the best that she can be.

Finding Boho Chic Style for Your Daughter with Jak & Peppar

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If you follow the blog then you probably saw my review of the adorable Jak & Peppar Fall 2014 line of clothing.  I have admit that I am in love with the brand and their Spring 2015 line as well.  Everything is just so cute and offers the perfect Boho Chic style for your little girls.

When I was sent items from the Jak &  Peppar Spring 2015 line I was ecstatic that they were in Althea’s size.  I love seeing her get excited about clothes that we are sent and when she was trying them on she kept asking when she could wear them to school.

We received the Sun and Moon Dress, Gertrude Head Wrap, Fountain Free Tank, Jak Infinity Scarf, and Peppar Prep School Skinnies Cargo Patch.  She loves them all and is so excited for spring to get here so that she can wear them!

Tips to Find Boho Chic for Your Little Ones

Look for Boho Friendly Brands

Finding a brand that has a lot of Boho Chic style is key to having a Boho Chic look for your child.  I love to that Jak & Peppar perpetuates the look and style that I am looking for.  Plus since they are high quality items that your child will love wearing.

Jak & Peppar Spring 1

Choose Styles That Your Daughter Loves

My daughter LOVES scarves so when I saw the Jak Infinity Scarf I knew that this would be her favorite.  She did not want to take the dress and infinity scarf off because she loved them so much.  So you can find that one thing that your child loves and find a way to add that style into the look that you want for her to have.

Use a Splash of Color

When trying to pair Boho Chic with a child it is a great idea to add a little splash of color.  While neutral tones can look great on kids, it is fun for them to have some color in their life.

Jak & Peppar Spring 2

Find Outfits that Mix and Match Different Prints

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are trying to find great Boho Chic style is that they try to match too much.  That’s right, instead of trying to match everything perfectly you should be looking for styles that feature a mixture of fun prints and styles.

A Look at the Other Spring 2015 Pieces That I LOVE!!!!

Ariel Maxi Skirt

ariel maxi skirt

Endless Love Dress

endless love dress

Woodstock Maxi

woodstock maxi dress

It’s Time for One of My Favorite Sales of the Year, The Kate Quinn Organics Semi Annual $10 Sale!!!

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kate quinn sale 2

If you have been following the blog for a while, you know that I am a HUGE fan of Kate Quinn Organics.  If you are new to the blog, let me share my top five reasons that I love Kate Quinn Organics with you.

kate quinn sale 1

5 Reasons I Love Kate Quinn Organics

1.  Affordable Organic Clothes

Kate Quinn Organic offers a reasonably priced line of organic clothing.  Best of all when there are sales like the current semi-annual $10 sale, you save money and get some amazing steals.

2.  Adorable Baby and Toddler Style

The clothes offer unique styles, great textiles, and adorable looks that you do not see from other brands.

3.  Quality

Kate Quinn Organics clothes are high in quality.  In fact when I received my first dresses for review I was so impressed that I have since filled half of my girls’ closets with Kate Quinn Organics.  I have purchased a few things for my son too and have never been disappointed at all.

4. My Kids LOVE Then

My kids are constantly picking out their Kate Quinn Organics items when I allow them to pick out their own clothes.  They love that the clothes are soft and comfortable.  I love that the clothes are cute and look great on them.

5.  Organic Cotton!!!

One thing that I never realized before I started buying organic cotton clothes and other styles was that the clothing is so much softer, more comfortable, and overall better quality than other materials.  I have since started buying more organic clothes than anything else for the entire family.

Check Out These Amazing Deals That I Have on My Shopping List

Since I love to shop for clothes from Kate Quinn Organics I thought that I would share with you the pieces that I have put on my shopping list.

French Clover Legging, $10

Kate Quinn Organic 1

Top Stitch Skinny Tee, $10

Kate Quinn Organic 2

Short Sleeve Puff Screen Tee, $10

Kate Quinn Organic 3

Topstitch Pant, $7

Kate Quinn Organic 4

Leggings, Calico, $10

Kate Quinn Organic 5


Tips to Have the Best Dressed Toddler — Jak & Peppar Fall 2014

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I will admit that I am a bit obsessed with adorable clothes for my kiddos.  Recently I discovered Jak & Peppar and I will admit that my husband probably wishes that I hadn’t.  I honestly see something new that one of my girls just has to have each time that I visit their website.

Their fall 2014 collection was one of the cutest things that I have seen in a long time and I am so excited to share all of my favorite with you.

I received four adorable items for Adeline for this review.  I did size up as she already has so much for this winter so that is why they are a little big in the pictures.  I got the Theory Bell Bottoms ($68), Juliet Peasant ($44-48), Disco Gypsy Tunic ($36), and the Fray For You Button Down ($48).

I thought that I would share my favorite tips for finding stylish toddler fashion that I love while I showed off these adorable outfits.

Tips for Finding Great Toddler Fashion

Find Functional Clothes

One thing that you have to keep in mind when you are dressing your toddler is that the clothes should be functional.  That is one of the things that I love about Jak & Peppar!  They have styles that are completely functional.  The quality of the Theory Bell Bottoms is not the same quality as other jeans that you can find for toddlers which means that they are more likely to hold up to Adeline playing and being a toddler in them.

Jak & Peppar Fall 3

*excuse the fact that Miss A was not too pleased that mommy didn’t have scissors handy to cut off the tags while we were photographing these!

Look for Pieces in Your Own Favorite Styles

One of the things that I personally love most about Jak & Peppar is that the clothes mimic the clothes that I wear.  This means that Adeline and I will compliment each other well next fall when we go out places.  I am not the type of mom that wants to match my girls but I love it when our outfits are well coordinated and we look great together.

Choose Items in Neutral Colors

Another one of the things that I really love is that Jak & Peppar offer a lot of clothes in neutral colors.  I personally love neutral colors for all of our photographs and for times when we are traveling.  I love how we can all coordinate and look great when someone snaps a shot of us together.  Neutral colors are one of the things that really seems to set Jak & Peppar apart from other clothing companies.

Jak & Peppar Fall 1

Choose Pieces That Mix and Match

All of the Jak & Peppar pieces that I received from the Fall 2014 collection really look great together and match.  I love that we can mix and match them and that I can pair them with other Jak & Peppar pieces that I have picked up along the way.  I know that Adeline will always be dressed in style even when she is picking out her own clothes if the pieces in her drawers already match.

Find Pieces That Are Comfortable

Finally when it comes to toddler fashion I think that it is very important that your toddler be comfortable.  I love that the materials that Jak & Peppar clothes are made out of are super soft and comfortable for my girls.  They love being able to move, jump and play in them so I know that they are going to be happy when we are wearing them in the future.

Not all toddler clothes are created equal and Jak & Peppar is quickly rising to the top of my list as one of my favorite brands.

Here are some of the other styles that I really love.

Farrah Peasant Blouse ($48-52)

farrah peasant blouse

Woodstock Maxi ($58)

woodstock maxi

Jak Original Destroyed Skinnies ($68)

jak destroyed skinnies

Ophelia Blouse ($48)

Ophelia Blouse


Why Do I Fail on All Diets?? A Look at Shake the Crave and What It Has Taught Me About Me

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I never thought that I would be saying the words that I am about to type.  I am a food addict.  I do not know why but sometimes I just shove food in my mouth rather than doing anything else.  This is something that has been a very real struggle for me and is something that I honestly dislike about myself and who I am.  I know that this is something that I need to change especially if I am going to be trying to get in the best shape of my life to improve my health for my family.  So I know that I am going to have to make some real changes and I am so glad that Shake the Crave is coming along with me for the ride.  I have some serious goals over the next few weeks and am going to be making the biggest changes that I have ever made in my life.  I thought that I would share my personal goals with you so that I can keep myself on track and work to get in the best shape of my life.

My Personal Health Goals

Write Down What I Eat

Nothing is as big of a deterrent to me as writing down what I am eating and seeing it on paper.  I am going to start tracking every single bite of food that goes in my mouth on Sunday this week.  Sundays are more of a start of the week for me than any other day so that is the perfect time for me to work on getting myself in better health and the best shape of my life.

Work Outs

Another thing that I have just failed miserably at doing is working out, well no more.  I know that I am going to work hard to get into great shape by working out harder than I have previously worked out in my life.  I am going to take things week by week based on my personal schedule and what I have going on but I know that I am going to make huge changes in the amount of time I spend on trying to get into shape.  I have all of the tools that I need but have seriously just been too lazy to use them.


Another thing that I have serious issues with is focus.  I know that when I take my medicine I do much better.  I have severe ADHD and sometimes for one reason or another I do not take my medicine and this means that I can not focus on much including how I am eating.  Instead of being like this I am going to start making sure that I take my medicine each and every day so that I can make sure that I am following my plan.


Finally I know that I am going to have to really start planning out my meals and snacks.  I need to do this so that I can personally stay on track and that I am not constantly failing.

The good news for me is that I know that I can do this.  I can beat obesity and get into better shape and I am so excited to share that I believe that the key for me to do this easily is with Shake the Crave.  I would encourage any of you who are struggling to lose weight to go out and try Shake the Crave for yourself.  It is a great tasting healthy shake that eliminates many of the unnecessary ingredients that other shakes have.

Learning My Personal Diet Weaknesses with Shake the Crave Week # 11

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Shake the Crave has been one of the best things that could have happened to me on my dieting journey.  I love how it really helps me to be able to manage my eating and overcome my cravings and temptations.  I have to admit that I have been ill lately so I have not been eating and doing things like I am supposed to.  However with the help from Shake the Crave I have not gained weight and I have been able to better manage some of my cravings which was a HUGE struggle for me in the past.

shake the crave logo

A Look at My Personal Diet Struggles


I have learned that my biggest struggle with dieting is chocolate.  I am making myself get back on track next week and will be working on eliminating some of the things that cause me to struggle from my diet.  I am also going to be using a new system of measuring my food that worked really well for me in the past and I am actually going to start going to the gym and working out.

Eating Out Too Often

Another thing that has been killer for me on my diets has been that we eat out a lot.  Even when I am making healthier choices while we are eating out, I am not eating as healthy as I should so I know that for me to be successful that I am going to have to give up eating out.  Another bonus for this one is that I will also be able to save some extra money because I am not going to be spending it on eating out.

Sugary Drinks

Sometimes I do not feel like this one is one that I will ever be able to get away from.  It is so hard.  I feel like crap a lot of the time and I know that this is one of the causes of that but I seriously have no idea how I am ever going to be able to change it.  I love dining out and eating high end dishes but if I want to reach my goal weight I know that I am going to have to get serious.

Bad Choices

All in all I make too many bad choices and it is really showing.  I am losing a little thanks to Shake the Crave but I know that I should be losing so much more and the only way for me to do this is by following up with Shake the Crave and sticking to the plan 100%.

I struggle with a lot of self hatred especially when it comes to dieting.  This is mainly because I am so bad about sticking to diets, exercising and doing what I should.  The fact remains that while Shake the Crave has helped a ton it is not going to get me to my goal weight if I am not doing anything else to help myself along the way.  So I am going to be focusing on really making the necessary changes and I am going to start working harder than I have worked before.

Adeline’s Favorite Shoes…Thanks Zooligans!

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Does your child have a favorite pair of shoes?  Well Adeline does!  She loves her new Zooligans shoes.  She wants to wear them all of the time with everything that she owns.  I love that she actually wants to wear shoes and that she keeps them on her feet.  I always find it so frustrating when she wants to rip her shoes off and throw them around the car rather than wear them and this does not happen with her Zooligans.

Zooligans logo

I know that I am not alone with having a toddler who is not always the happiest about wearing shoes.  I am constantly seeing parents out with their own toddlers in carts and strollers without shoes on.  However I can’t help but think each time that I see this that Zooligans might have helped them.

Tips to Find Shoes Your Toddler Will Love

Find Fun Shoes

Zooligans Paloma the Pony

My favorite thing about Zooligans is that they are so much fun!  Who wouldn’t love being able to walk around in a fun animal inspired shoe.  Paloma the Pony is an adorable boot version that is perfect for the cold winter weather.

Pick What Your Toddler Would Love

Zooligans FishFlex

Zooligans are definitely a shoe that your toddler would pick if they were able to go shoe shopping for themselves.  These shoes are fun and functional and adorable as well.  Sandal weather is coming up and I know that Adeline would love the Fish Flex.

Consider Your Toddler’s Favorite Colors

Zooligans ZOoPop for Boys

While Adeline prefers her bright and funky colors, I would prefer more neutral hues.  I do have to admit that the red from her new Zooligan Shoes looks adorable!  Zooligans also offers a fun new line of shoes call ZooPop.  They are comfortable styles that feature animals in a way that is a little more subtle than their traditional shoe line.

Relax on Having Shoes Match the Outfit

Zooligans Deano the Dino

I am sometimes crazy about wanting my kids to look well put together, even my toddler.  I have learned that as long as Adeline keeps shoes on that I should just go with it and let her wear what she wants.  Deano the Dino is one pair of shoes that any little boy is sure to love as much as Adeline loves hers!

Let Your Toddler Pick Out Her Own Shoes

Zooligans Kat the Cat

I had originally contacted Zooligans after Adeline had saw the shoes one day.  She kept telling me about the shoes and I knew that she would love to have her own adorable animal inspired pair.  So when we received Kat the Kitty I knew that this was one pair of shoes that she was sure to love.

$50 Amazon Giveaway from Kinsights

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Have you heard of Kinsights?  I will admit that before I started working as a blogger that I had not heard about them either, but I really wish that I had.

Kinsights 3

Kinsights is this amazing Personal Health Record Keeper for parents.  It really helps you to be able to organize all of your medical history and information in one place.  Plus since it is electronic, it can easily be transferred between doctors’ offices and even specialists.  This way when someone asks a question about one of your children’s medical history you are able to quickly and efficiently look it up and give them the correct answer.

Here are some of the highlights of the Kinsights program.

Kinsights 1

When you sign up for Kinsights this is how your screen will look.  You will be able to quickly and easily find the information that you need by navigating through the website.

Kinsights 4

You will be able to connect with other moms and even some health care professionals for important questions that you might have about your child’s health.

Kinsights 2

Being able to get some peace of mind with easy answers from others and helping others to have peace of mind with situations that you might have experienced is one of the biggest advantages to Kinsights.

Kinsights 6

Plus everything is easy to manage, easy to understand, and something that every parent can use for free.   That’s right, Kinsights is a FREE program that you can use.

Now for the Giveaway


1.  Prize fulfillment will come directly from the sponsor.

2.  Winner will have 24 hours from time of notification to confirm prize before a new winner is chosen.

3.  Winner must be a US resident.

4.  All entries can be made through the Rafflecopter link.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Overcoming Temptations…Shake the Crave Week # 10

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Weight loss is difficult enough as is, add in kids and a husband to the mix and the junk food that is surrounding you can become a HUGE temptation.  There are so many things that you can do to help yourself to overcome these temptations with ease.

shake the crave logo

Shake the Crave is helping me to personally beat my own temptations because their delicious creamy texture and amazing flavors make me feel as though I am doing something bad even when I am not.

shake the crave

Tips to Overcome Temptations on Your Diet

Learn Tricks to Make Your Favorite Treats Better for You

Do you love a specific treat a lot?  Do you have a craving for birthday cake and just feel like you need to eat a piece when you see one?  Well instead of depriving yourself of that treat, learn how you can make it better for you.  For me birthday cake is a temptation because I love frosting.  I do not necessarily love cake but sadly the worst part of the cake for you is the frosting.  Instead of eating like I would have in the past, I am now picking up a small piece from the middle of the cake and scraping some of the frosting off.  I know that scraping it all off would be better but I seriously just can not bring myself to do it.

Get Together with Friends without Food or Drinks

One of the worst traps that I recently fell into was going out with friends more.  This turned into quite a few nights out where we would dine on things that I would not normally eat as well as enjoying far too many adult beverages.  All of these have a TON of calories and is a big reason why I have not been as successful as I could have been on my weight loss journey.

Consider Lower Calorie Alternatives for Drinks

Another HUGE struggle for me is my addiction to coke.  I love Coca Cola and could drink nothing but coke for the rest of my life.  I go through periods where there is a HUGE struggle and then times when I am able to “give it up”.  The problem seems to be that after I have given it up for a while,  I turn around, quit drinking water and start binge drinking them.  So from now on instead of “giving up” something that I love I am going to start working on drinking other things that are better for me, but I will still have a few weekly allotments of coke so that I do not have to live life without it.

Avoiding the Drive Thru

Drive thru windows are great for those times when you are really on the go or are traveling from one place to another.  The problem with our culture is that we have started relying too heavily on these franchises are eating there multiple times throughout the week or month instead of on occasions as they were intended.  Let’s face it, nothing from a drive thru window is going to be really good for you because even the healthiest options have a ton of preservatives in them.  Find a way to challenge yourself to avoid the drive thru.  My personal challenge with this starts next Tues as I prepare 30 Homemade Meals in 30 Days!

Learn Your Options

One of the things that I have always hated about dieting is that I always felt like I had to give up everything that I loved.  One of those things was delicious drinks from a coffee shop.  Now instead I always have them use skim, avoid the whipped cream, and really focus on enjoying the drink and allowing it be my only satisfying drink in the day when I have one.

We all struggle from time to time but I know for me that Shake the Crave is really helping me to do better.

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