Tips to Find the HOTTEST Accesories

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As winter months draw closer I will admit that I start to become depressed from time to time.  One of the things that I often do to help myself get out of a funk is try to dress up and put on great accessories even when I do not feel like it.

Recently I was given the opportunity to be able to review some amazing jewelry pieces from the Vera Wang Simply Vera Collection.  I will admit that I love Vera Wang and have been obsessed with her lines long before this affordable one came to Kohls.

I thought that I would share with you my tips for finding the best accessories for fall.

Tip 1 –Find Something Unique

V Jewelry 4

I have a little bit of an obsession with bracelets.  I love unique bracelets and this is a great choice.  It looks like so many different materials have been mushed together to describe.  It even has a thin strand that reminds me of a necklace.  As a bracelet lover it is hard to find one that I wear all of the time since I have so many but I catch myself reaching for this one more often.

Tip 2 — Sometimes Bigger is Better

V Jewelry 2

Choosing something that is big and chunky can be a challenge but this awesome necklace from Vera Wang’s Simply Vera collection makes it easy.  I love this adorable necklace and how chunky it is on.  I get so many compliments each time that I wear it too!  The Multi Strand Necklace (RV $34) is a true statement piece that is fun to wear!

Tip 3 — Sometimes It Isn’t

V Jewelry 1

There are times when it is going to be perfect to choose something that is small.  The Simply Vera Flower Post Earrings (RV $14) are the perfect small accessory for nights or days when you want to be understated.  They are still a gorgeous pair of earrings but they are a little more understated than other choices out there.

Tip 4 — Choose Something that Will Really Brighten Your World

V Jewelry 5

I love bright and sparkly pieces of jewelry and I love bracelets.  So when I saw the Simply Vera Bead Stretch Bracelet (RV $26) I was so excited.  This was just the type of bling that was perfect to lift my moods during those dreary fall and winter days.

Tip 5 –Pick a Fashion Trend and Go For It

V Jewelry 3

One of the hottest trends this fashion season is dangling earrings.  Vera Wang’s Simply Vera Drop Earrings (RV $14) are a perfect example of this trend.  Imagine how beautiful you will feel wearing these stunning earrings that are sure to bring you all of the right type of attention that you desire.

Choosing the Best Bag for Fall

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Are you a busy mom like me?  Are you constantly looking for the perfect bag to match your style and your needs?  Well look no further.  Olivia + Joy has everything that you need for fall and more.

olivia + joy

We all know that I am a bag addict…that’s right I admit it.  “Hello, my name is Amanda and I have a problem.  I am addicted to bags.”  There I said it!  Well now that I have discovered Olivia + Joy I know that there are few bags that are going to measure up to my expectations.  So I thought that I would share a few tips for choosing the perfect fall bag.

Tip 1 — Find a Bag that Fits Your Style

Aurora Crossbody

(Sorry for using a stock photo but I love the details of this bag and they did not photograph as well for me as the stock photo.)

One of the things that is important to every woman is her own unique style.  Personally  I am a mix of bohemian and classic, think if Janis Joplin and Audrey Hepburn had a baby…yep that is where my style would be born.  I love creative looks but want something that is still structured and full of life.  I have to admit that the Aurora Crossbody that I received for a review is just this.  Plus at just $82 it is the style that will not break the wallet.

Tip 2 — Choose a Bag that Meets Your Needs

Salida Tote

I am a mom of four so I have unique needs that need to be met with a handbag.  One thing that I require is that I can be hands free.  I love cute little clutches and other styles but when I am chasing children I just can not hold onto something all of the time.  So I love that Olivia + Joy offers all of the amazing styles like the crossbody bag that I received.  However crossbody bags are not the only style that is perfect for moms.  Totes and backpacks are also great.  My favorite tote on the website now is the Salida Tote ($98.00).  I love that this one has just  a little bit of the boho look with the details.

Tip 3 — Look for Bags that You Can Fall in Love With

Tamra Satchel

I often have a hard time falling in love with a bag and committing to it.  However I have been in love with my new Aurora Crossbody since I received it.  In fact it has been the only handbag that I have carried for a while even though I have others that are still new with tags.  I have to share another favorite from the website as I am instantly drawn to satchels.  However because of rarely being able to go out where I can use one I rarely buy them.  I must admit that the Tamara Satchel ($98.00) is one of my favorites.

Tip 4 — Find a Bag that is Meant to Last

I can just not get over the quality of the Olivia + Joy bag that I own.  I will admit that I am hard on handbags.  I have four children so who thinks that it is going to be easy to gently use anything with them around….well it’s not.  In fact it is almost impossible for something to be gently used in our home.  So I have to make handbag purchases that are going to last.  Thankfully with Olivia + Joy that is not a problem and I promise that you will be happy with the quality because I have carried my bag everyday for a few months now and it is still looking great and holding up to any abuse that I put it through.

Tip 5 — Have Fun When Shopping for Your New Bag

The final thing that you have to do is make sure that you have a good time when you are shopping for a new bag.  Do not be stuffy and uptight but instead make sure that you are ready to have some fun and to have a bag that they are really going to enjoy!

Everyone knows that bags are fun so why go with just any old boring bag.  Instead you must check out Olivia + Joy for all of the amazing bags that they have and you will be sure to find at least one that fits your style.

Spooky Chocolate Milk To Warm Up After Trick-or-Treating #TruMooTreats

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TruMoo for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's almost Halloween and every year after we are done trick or treating we come home for a nice cup of hot cocoa.  Only this year instead of buying little hot chocolate packages we’re going to use TruMoo Chocolate Milk.  It’s not only easier to make it using TruMoo Chocolate Milk, it’s super yummy, and the kids love it because TruMoo is their favorite Chocolate Milk. Oh, and if you haven’t already seen TruMoo is rocking the AWESOME Halloween Chocolate Milk, along with the yummy Halloween Orange Scream! 

TruMoo Spooky Hot Chocolate 

Seriously, there is nothing better than a cup of TruMoo hot chocolate after a long cool night of trick-or-treating!  When it comes to my family, they deserve only the best – TruMoo Halloween Chocolate Milk!


  • TruMoo Halloween Chocolate Milk
  • Mug
  • Vanilla
  • Nutmeg
  • Marshmallows
  • Candy drawing pen
  • Cinnamon stick (optional)


  • Pour your cup of chocolate milk
  • Place in the microwave on until or about 1 min (or until nice and warm)
  • Add a small drop of vanilla
  • Add a sprinkle of nutmeg

  • I used a black candy pen draw the eyes on the marshmallows. 

  • Then you will need to cut the marshmallows so they stay floating the way you want them too.  If you leave, the large bottom on they’ll float the other direction.
  • Add Marshmallows

You’re finished, it looks super cute, and you can add a cinnamon stick if you like.  One of my children loves to stirt their hot chocolate with it, but the others three don’t.  It’s totally optional, and either way you have spooky chocolate milk that looks pretty darn cute, and is perfect to warm the body after a long night of being in the cold weather trick-or-treating.

If you have not been by to see all the other FUN, SPOOKY Halloween recipes be sure to swing by the TruMoo Pinterest page, and join all of us TruMoo fans by liking TruMoo on Facebook.  

 photo TruMooHALLOWEENOrangeLogo-1_zps3ce13877.jpg

You're definably going to want to check out their Halloween Orange Scream flavored milk, and their Halloween Chocolate Milk for your upcoming Halloween event.  To learn more visit their website for more delicious TruMoo Halloween recipes.

How do you warm up the bones after a long night of trick-or-treateting?

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Love Unique Hand Crafted Items? 9th and Elm is Your New Place to Shop

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

9th and elm logo

I love unique hand crafted items. I want something different that everyone else is not going to have or is not going to be wearing. So I seek out these types of places. I was very excited to have stumbled upon 9th and Elm and even more excited when they wanted to work with me.
I was given a gift card and I found the shopping experience to be fun and that there were so many items that I could find within any price range. I was able to order 2 bracelets, a necklace, and a shirt for $70.

9th and elm shirt

I got the cutest tank top. It is called the Shannon Tank in Greens and was just $26. It is so unique, cute and offered me something to wear when I did not feel like I had anything else to wear. It was a go to piece for me this summer and I know that it is going to easily go into the fall and winter with a sweater or jacket.

I had also ordered the adorable Emergence Brass Layered Necklace for $21. It was very unique and cute and would have fit nicely with the neckline of the top. I was later informed that this item had been oversold and was promptly credited for the necklace. To be honest I have not been well lately so I have not found the time to shop and check out what else they have to offer. I am sure that I will be checking it out sometime soon.

9th and elm bracelet

(I chose to show this stock photo that shows the different styles of beaded bracelets that are available from Lily and Laura so that you can see more a variety than what I purchased.  I purchased the one on the bottom row that is 4th from the left and I really do love it!)

There were two bracelets that I picked out to wear when I was wearing this shirt. I chose the Lily and Laura beaded bracelet. I picked out one that had the exact shades of green of the shirt in the pattern.

9th and elm infinity

I also chose the Infinity Bangle because I fell in love with its simplicity and charm.
Tips to Find Unique Hand-Made Items
Find a Reliable Place to Shop
One of the things that I love about 9th and Elm is that it is reliable. You can trust when you shop there that you are going to get the great handmade items that you love without any issues. If there is a problem the customer service is great to work with. I actually had ordered an item that did not come in but it was not really a problem because the company emailed me and promptly credited my account. I can’t wait to see what I pick out next from 9th and Elm and how much I enjoy it.


Look for Items that Fit with Your Style

There are so many items that I see when I am shopping that I want.  However not all of these items are right for me.  Just because something is cute and I like it does not mean that I would actually wear it.  I would not be able to get any use out of something that is not a part of my style no matter how cute I think that it is.


Choose Perfect Pieces for Others

Finally if you are shopping for others the key is to make sure that you are choosing items that represent them.  Think about the things that they would love and make sure that you choose those things.  Do not try to choose things that are a part of your own personal style for the loved ones in your life.

21 Day Fix Days 1-3

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

So I thought that the 21 Day Fix was going to be a huge challenge for me but I have to say that eating this way actually comes pretty natural.  I have learned a few things throughout my time on the fix and know now how to combat areas that I have trouble with.

21 Day Fix Logo

For my weight and size I am supposed to have 5 green containers, 3 purple containers, 5 red containers, 4 yellow containers, 1 orange container, 1 blue container, and 5 tsp.

Day 1 Breakfast

Day 1 —

Breakfast —

Raspberry Cheesecake Smoothie


1 red container of cottage cheese

1 purple container of frozen raspberries

1 purple container of water

stevia or agave nectar to taste

Blend the ingredients in a blender and I promise it does not taste like what you would think.  It is delicious and a great treat that tastes a lot like a raspberry cheesecake.

1 whole grain waffle with 1 tsp of peanut butter (1 yellow and 1 tsp)

Snack 1 —

Day 1 Snack 3

Apple with 2 tsp of peanut butter (2 tsp and 1 purple)

Lunch —

Day 1 Lunch

Grilled chicken salad


1 green container of spinach

1 green container of mushrooms (I mix 1/2 baby bella and 1/2 white)

1 green container of mushrooms and radishes (1/2 of each)

1 blue container of feta cheese

1 red container of prepared chicken (cooked in 1 tsp of EVOO)

Sprinkle the top with red wine vinegar and use a little shake of salad seasoning (I like McCormicks but I realize that this does have a little salt in it so you might want to choose something sodium free.).

Snack 2

Day 1 Snack 2 Day 1 Snack

8 whole grain crackers (1 yellow)

1 red container of cottage cheese (I did sprinkle mine with a tad bit of cajun seasoning)

1 orange container of olives

Dinner —

Day 1 Dinner 1

Shrimp Stir Fry


1 red container of precooked shrimp (thaw them if they are frozen)

1 green container of green beans

1 green container of mushrooms and green onions

Saute your veggies in 1 tsp of EVOO and whatever seasonings you like.  Then throw your shrimp in until heated through.  Put on top of 1 yellow container of brown rice.

Raspberry Greek Yogurt

1 purple container of raspberries (I like to use frozen and let them thaw so that you get that yummy raspberry juice too!)

1 red container of plain greek yogurt

If you need a little bit of stevia or agave nectar I stir it into the yogurt first.

I finished out my day with 1 whole grain waffle plain as an evening snack as I had planned on enjoying a glass of wine with my friends but I did not.

Day 2 —

Day 2 Breakfast 2


2 whole grain waffles with 2 tsp peanut butter

Snack 1 —

Day 2 Breakfast 1

1 purple container of raspberries w/ 1 red container of yogurt

Snack 2 —

Day 2 Snack 2

1 green container of mushrooms w/ a splash of red wine vinegar and a little bit of salad seasoning

Lunch —

Day 2 Lunch

2 red containers of my prepared chicken w/ 1 blue container of feta melted over it

Corn on the Cob (1 yellow)

1 green container of Green beans, mushrooms and green onion that has been cooked with 1 tsp of EVOO

Snack 3 —

Day 2 Smoothie

Raspberry Smoothie (1 purple container of frozen raspberries, water and agave nectar)

Snack 4 —

Day 2 Snack

Raspberries and yogurt (1 purple container and 1 red container)

Dinner out!!

I had 1 green container of sauteed mushrooms (prepared without any added oil), (1 red container) turkey strips (prepared without any added oil), and 1 green container of salad (no dressing).   (I had three fried mushrooms too!)

I did come home and have a slight snack attack as I had nothing left to eat so I managed to eat some pre-portioned healthier options but still should have held out.

Day 3 —

Both day 1 and day 2 I got up early and prepared all of my food.  I wasn’t sure where I was eating at for lunch as I had a girl scout event for my daughter.  So I decided to not prepare and this was a HUGE mistake.

Breakfast —

Day 3 Breakfast

Healthy Chicken and waffles

1 red container of chicken (cooked with 1 tsp EVOO) and 1 whole grain waffle (1 yellow)

Lunch —

Day 3 Lunch

We ate out at a local Italian place and I managed to have a salad with just 1 tsp of dressing (1 green and 1 tsp), steamed broccoli (1 green), and a chicken breast (prepared without oil–1 red).  I did also have 2 slices of bread with less than 1 tsp of butter on them (I counted them as 2 yellows and 2 tsp)

Snack —

Apple (1 purple)

Dinner —

Day 3 Dinner 3

Raspberry Smoothie

Day 3 Dinner 2

Fresh mushroom and radish salad with feta (3 green and 1 blue but I could only eat half of it so I did not get all of my food in)

Day 3 Dinner 1

Tilapia (1 red)

Snack —

protein shake (similar to Shakeology which is suggested for the program)

I also had a few ropes of licorice.  I like candy and a diet where I do not eat a few pieces here and there is not one that I will stick with so I decided to really focus on what I could do for the rest of my life.


I feel great and got up first thing this morning (day 4) to prepare all of my foods for today.  I know that this was a huge downfall for me yesterday and I did not want to fall into that same trap where I did not get all of my food in.  I also find it easier not to cheat when I have prepared food ready for me to just grab and eat.


If you are curious as to what prep looks like, here is the prep for day 1.

Day 1 Lunch Prep Day 1 Snack Prep Day 1 Dinner Prep

My biggest challenge on this program is getting in the workouts.  I did well on day 1 but was very busy on day 2 and 3 and did not get them in.  My goal for the next 7 days is to actually get each and every one of the workouts in!

Texas Pete® Hush Puppies w/ Cheddar Cheese & Bacon #TexasPete

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Texas Pete for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

One thing I love about living in New Mexico is the hot green chili, it’s good!  When I was little I couldn’t eat anything hot, but as I grew older I started to enjoy hot green chili.  Naturally, I’ve had to experiment with other great hot flavors, like Texas Pete® sauces!  Texas Pete® offer fabulous Hot Sauce, but they also have wing sauces, Hotter hot sauce, a garlic hot sauce, CHA! By Texas Pete Sriracha sauce with a green pepper sauce.  Texas Pete® offers a nice variety of products that help improve the taste of every meal, but everyone should have a bottle of Texas Pete Hot Sauce with their condiments, because it’s great for adding to fries, hot dogs, soups, sandwiches, and even pizza.

Texas Pete is Donating $1 for Every Social Share, to Feeding America, BUT We Need Your Help!

Before we get too far into the post I wanted to tell you about something awesome Texas Pete® is doing, and how you can help!

We need you to share this post on your social networks, because they will be donating $1 for every social share BUT you need to be sure it includes the hashtag #TexasPete!  If you share, Texas Pete will donate $1 for every social share to Feeding America!

Neat right what a fun way to help Feeding America!  Be sure to share it all over the page with the hashtag #TexasPete!

Did you know it can also be used to make amazing dishes like red velvet cake icing?  I know I almost fell out of my chair too, but Texas Pete® Hot Sauce is more of an ingredient with a side of condiment, and really can be used with pretty much everything.

 photo CHA_LOGO_on_red_zps40e9714c.png

How does Texas Pete® Hush Puppies w/ Cheddar Cheese and Bacon sound?  Pretty awesome, right?  I know just the name is making me hungry!

TexasPete_HushPuppiesTexas Pete® Hush Puppies w/ Cheddar Cheese & Bacon

YIELD: 3 dozen 2″ hush puppies

PORTION: 5 hush puppies

Everything you’re going to need:

  • For frying Peanut, grapeseed or canola oil
  • 1 1/4 cups White cornmeal
  • 1/2 cup All purpose flour
  • 1 tsp Kosher salt
  • 1 tsp Black pepper
  • 2 tsp Baking powder
  • 1 cup Buttermilk
  • 1 Egg, beaten
  • 1 tsp Garlic, minced
  • 2 tbsp Texas Pete® Hot Sauce
  • 1 cup Texas Pete® Medium Salsa, drained, pulsed in food processor
  • 1 cup Cheddar cheese, thick shred
  • 1/2 cup Bacon, cooked and crumbled
  • To taste Kosher salt for finishing

Let’s do this:

  1. Preheat fryer to 350 degrees or pour 4 inches of oil into a deep, heavy pot. Clip a candy thermometer on the side of the pot and bring to 350 degrees over medium-high heat.
  2. In a large bowl, whisk together the cornmeal, flour, salt, pepper and baking powder. Set aside.
  3. In a medium bowl, whisk together buttermilk, egg, garlic, Texas Pete® Hot Sauce and Texas Pete® Medium Salsa. Pour wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and stir until just mixed.
  4. Add cheese and bacon. Mix until just combined.
  5. Using 2 tablespoons or a #30 scoop, carefully drop balls of batter into fryer. Fry for about 4 minutes, turning halfway through, until golden brown and cooked through.
  6. Transfer to paper towel lined sheet tray and sprinkle with kosher salt to taste. Serve immediately.

So what do you think?  Looks and sounds amazing right?

Since you’re probably going to want to start keeping your house stocked with Texas Pete® Hot Sauce, you probably are going to want to know where you can purchase it?  Lucky for us they have a place on their website to find Texas Pete Hot Sauce.

 photo TexasPete_Logo_Simple_zpsb993442b.png

Don’t forget to share, and use the hashtag #TexasPete If you like the sound of the Texas Pete® Hush Puppies w/ Cheddar Cheese and Bacon you’re for sure want to swing by and check out more of Texas Pete Hot Sauce recipes.

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21 Day Fix Prep Work

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

One of the biggest struggles that I have with weight loss and diets is that I am a mom of four. I can not afford to be buying super expensive meal plans or supplements that are only going to have me gaining back all of my weight when I am done.

21 Day Fix Logo

The 21 Day Fix is a program that I believe is going to be different. The results that others are having speak for themselves. Plus the program includes manageable work outs and a great introduction to clean eating. This is the type of program that I believe can be an introduction to a new lifestyle and cleaner eating for my family.

I can already pinpoint the areas in which I am going to struggle most…eating out and traveling. It is hard to stay on track when you are traveling and eating out. However I am learning to study the menu beforehand and to have my meal planned before I go. For instance, this Friday night I am going to be headed out with some friends. I have already studied the menu and know to order the grilled chicken breast cooked without oil, a salad with no dressing, and cottage cheese. While it might not be the type of food that I would normally choose when going out, I know that it is food that I can continue to eat for years to come so that is why I am going this route.

I also have an upcoming day trip with the kids coming up. I am determined to pack most of my food for the day. I know that by being prepared and having my food on hand that I will not only eat healthier but I am going to save money too so that is a win win situation. I will probably choose a Mongolian grill for dinner so that I can control what I am eating completely and again I will have it cooked without oil.

I was able to get all of the food that I need for the week from Aldi. Aldi is a great grocery shopping experience for those of us who need to stick to a budget when shopping. I was excited that I got all of the food for myself for the week for just over $70. I will include a grocery shopping post where I list the things that I already had in my fridge and pantry as well as what I purchased today while shopping.

21 Day Fix Chicken Prep

My prep work was pretty simple. I just cooked up 4 servings of chicken with 4 teaspoons of EVOO. It looks and smells delicious. I just wanted something precooked so if I was in a hurry I didn’t have to take the time to cook anything.

If you’d like to start your own 21 Day Fix Journey and come along with me on this adventure please feel free to contact Jackie at or to check out her website.

Grocery Shopping for the 21 Day Fix

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

So one of the first things that I did when I looked through the 21 Day Fix books was to make a list of the foods that I liked from each category. As a picky eater this is quite a bit harder for me than it is for others.

21 Day Fix Logo

For my weight I am required to eat 5 Green containers each day. I picked up fresh broccoli, string beans, spinach, mushrooms, radishes, and green onions. I also grabbed a few cans of mushrooms and green beans. I realize that canned foods are not good because of the extra preservatives and I generally do not eat a lot of canned foods. However I needed something to have when I am super busy and tired of salads.

I am supposed to be eating 3 Purple containers each day. I am going to the apple orchard with my kids so I will have plenty of apples on hand. I picked up frozen raspberries (3 bags) and a bag of frozen strawberries.

The red container was the one that I was most nervous about because I am very picky when it comes to proteins. I picked up chicken breasts which I cooked, turkey breast, tilapia, plain Greek yogurt, shrimp, and cottage cheese. I am supposed to eat 5 of these containers each day but yogurt being one of them I am no longer worried.

21 Day Fix Groceries Prep

I am also supposed to eat 4 yellow containers each day. I picked up whole wheat couscous, brown rice, corn on the cob, whole grain crackers, whole grain waffles, and mini whole wheat bagels. I already had whole wheat English muffins on hand.

I get one blue container each day and will admit that this is one that I am kind of sad that I will not get more of. I picked up some shredded parmesan and feta cheese for this one. I also get one orange container. I picked up olives for this one because I LOVE olives so getting a treat of olives and cheese each day is just what I need. Finally I get to eat 5 teaspoons each day. I have peanut butter on hand and picked up extra virgin olive oil. I could eat peanut butter each and every day and never tire of it so I am happy with these two things.

The only other thing that I bought was some agave nectar for sweetening the yogurt and cottage cheese with some recipes that I have.

So as you can see it is possible to eat healthy without breaking the bank and I am determined to take this journey on a budget to show you how the 21 Day Fix can work for you. If you have more questions about the program you can email Jackie at or check out her website here.

Yes, we’re talking about Light Bladder Leakage with Poise!

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Huge thanks to Poise for sponsoreding this blog post – Yes we’re talking about Light Bladder Leakge with Poise!  We’re glad to be brining the subject up, becasue it’s not talked about enough.  All opinions are our own, but I think it’s not talked about enough.  Considering one in three women have light bladder leakage issues we should be more comfortable talkinga bout it right.

You’re almost done, and if you like the way it looks than you are, but I always like to do as Living Proof recommends and run my hands through my hair to give in a nice undone look.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling confident and prepared for each day.  Unfortunately, as we get older, have children, and deal with daily live things happen to our body.  Things we might not be comfortable talking about, BUT you shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about things like light bladder leakage (LBL).  It’s unfortunate, but happens to more people than you might realize.

Yes, we’re talking about Light Bladder Leakage with Poise!

Hey, after I had my daughter I couldn’t walk without leaking, lol.  I tried to jump on a trampoline, and OMG I thought something was wrong with me.  I finally found a ways to bring it up to my doctor and learned it’s more common than I realized.

Rather than not talking about it I decided I would help raise awareness, and hope I help other women become more comfortable with the subject.  It’s okay, because one in three women experience LBL, which can be triggered by everyday occurrences, like:

  • Laughing
  • Sneezing
  • Exercise

We need to rely on feminine care products, or nothing.  UMM, sorry I’ll be using Poise, because there is no way I’m not going to use something for LBL.  As a leader in the light incontinence area, Poise offers a variety of liners and pads, which help to make things easier on us, because we can easily find the product that fits our needs.

light bladderAbout Poise® Microliner

Poise® Microliner’s are thing, absorbent, and feature Super Absorbent Material to help provide you with discreet LBL protection, keeping you dry and comfortable all day like.  Poise has your back, they’re with you to helps you mange life’s little leaks with confidence.

Poise Microliners are the thinnest liners in the light incontinence category and are designed to absorb wetness, neutralize odor and stay three times drier than period liners.

Poise Microliners

Starting your day can be different, rather than stressing on the “what if’s” in life, you can focus on the important things – family, friends, yoga, jogging, the gym, etc.  Yepie, no more avoiding the gym, or jogging with friends!  You can now meet them at the gym with confidence, and enjoy your time together without stressing LBL.

Be sure to swing by the Poise website here, and give the new Poise® Microliner a try.

Oh, and before I forget you can get a free sample when you visit the Poise website so you can try Poise before you buy them at the store.  Click here to visit the Posise website now.

Phases of the Moon Artist Preview — Tedeschi Trucks Band

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Tedeschi Trucks Band is one of my personal favorites to see because of the amazing guitar playing skills that Derek Trucks has. I will admit that I am normally a bass girl but it is completely beyond me how someone does not become mesmerized as they are watching him play. It truly is an experience happening in live music that might not happen again. It is something that you have to see if you are a fan of live music!!

phases 5

The band has an impressive line up of musicians touring with them. The band includes Derek Trucks (guitar), Susan Tedeschi (guitar & vocals), Kofi Burbridge (keyboards & flute), Tyler Greenwell (drums & percussion), JJ Johnson (drums & percussion), Mike Mattison (harmony vocals), Mark Rivers (harmony vocals), Kebbi Williams (saxophone), Maurice Brown (trumpet), Saunders Sermons (trombone), and Tim Lefebvre (bass guitar).

Tedeschi Trucks Band 1

Derek Trucks has been touring since he was just a kid, a kid with an unusually amazing talent. His slide guitar skills have impressed big names in the music world and some of the world’s most famous guitar players have talked about his amazing slide guitar skills. He has played with an impressive line up of artists including fellow guitar legends, Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana.

Tedeschi Trucks Band 2

As a teenager he formed The Derek Trucks band and toured throughout the US. He averaged over 200 shows each year during his teens. This was an amazing time of development for him as an artist and guitar player. By 1999 he was touring with The Allman Brothers Band. He also played as part of the Allman Brothers Band. He has earned two Grammys for his musical pursuits including one for Revelator and a Lifetime Achievment Award for the time that he spent with The Allman Brothers Band. At his age (he’s just 33!!) he is one of the youngest living musicians to ever earn this impressive achievement.

Tedeschi Trucks Band 3

Susan Tedeschi has noted for her earthy bluesy sound which has earned her an award. After joining a gospel choir while she was in college she decided to persue her love of music. She has opened for a list of music legends including Bob Dylan (one of my personal favorites!), the Rolling Stones, and John Mellencamp.

Together the pair front the Tedeschi Trucks Band and you can be sure that their music is going to continue to progress and impress the masses. If you have not had the pleasure of seeing them live then I would highly recommend checking them out any time that you can. For me, I will be in the crowds at the Phases of the Moon Festival.


(All photos were taken from the band’s website.)

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