Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Livie and Luca

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I have to admit that I have recently become OBSESSED with the Livie and Luca line of shoes for children.  I just LOVE all of their styles so much that I can not say enough good things about them.  I even find it hard not to pair every single outfit in my style guides with a pair of these great shoes.  The best part is that my two little girls are just as impressed and happy with their shoes as I am.  So I thought in honor of these two sweet girls that I would share some of their favorite things about the shoes while doing my review of the Petal Black ($60) and the Petal Red ($60) that we recently received.

Livie and Luca 1

3 Things Adeline Loves About Her Petal Black from Livie and Luca

Adeline is like her mama.  She is a shoe girl.  Each time that she gets a new package of shoes, she screams and jumps up and down.  Many times the excitement of her new shoes wears off after she has had them for a while but this is not the case with her Livie and Luca shoes.

Livie and Luca 5

**#1 — “They’re Pretty!”

When I asked Adeline what she liked about her Petal Black she told me said “they’re pretty!” which is a very accurate description of them.  She pointed at the flower and we talked about the flower petals for a bit.

Livie and Luca 6

**#2 — “They’re Comfy!”

The next thing that Adeline said when we were talking about her shoes is that they were comfy.  She likes how they fit and even she (at 3) notices that her feet are not sore after she has worn them for a while.  This is something that many kids might not notice but Adeline is the first little lady to let you know that she does not like something when it is not comfortable.

Livie and Luca 7

**#3 — “The Caterpillar”

I will admit that when she replied “the caterpillar” that I was really kind of confused at first.  I had no clue as to what she was talking about.  Then however I started looking around realized that she was talking about the box.  Now here is an embarrassing fact.  Adeline loved the caterpillar so much that she actually carried around the box with her in my house when it was empty.  That’s right, my child is sitting around playing with a shoe box more than any of her toys!

3 Things Althea Loves About her Petal Red from Livie and Luca

Livie and Luca 2

**#1 — “I feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.”

Since my husband is from Kansas and we travel there a lot my daughter is very aware of who Dorothy is.  She even has a few Dorothy dolls that she plays with from time to time.  She has also had red shoes in many of the previous sizes that she has worn.  She told me that she really loved the red shoes and that she felt as pretty as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz when she wears them.

Livie and Luca 3

**#2 — “I really like the flower on them.”

Althea is very artistic and she loves things that are pretty.  She has always been our little girly girl. She told me that she really loves her Petal Red because of the flower on them.  She went on to tell me how she liked that it was “like half of a flower only more than half.”

Livie and Luca 4

**#3 — “People tell me that I have pretty shoes on.”

Althea is the type of child that likes to be told that she is pretty.  I tease her dad on a regular basis that this is because we have gushed over how beautiful we think that she is since she was born.  She loves it when someone tells her that she looks cute or that something that she is wearing is pretty.  So when received compliments while wearing these shoes, she was sure to point them out and to tell me that it was something else that she loved about the shoes.

Altchek MD Helps Ease the Signs of Aging

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I love finding products that really work to not show my age.  I always find it a compliment when people can not believe that I am mom to my oldest.  The best thing about this is that I was 21 when he was born, so while I was a young mom I was not that young!!  It is such a blessing to be able to say that I age well but I will admit that my obsession with not aging means that I am always looking for great new products and brands to test out.  Altchek MD is one of those brands and one that seems to really help ease the signs of aging.

altchek md logo

So I thought that I would share with you some of the things that I have learned about adopting an anti-aging skincare routine.

Tips for an Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

**Have a Routine and Stick to It

Altchek MD 8

The first thing that you need to do if you want to reverse and limit the signs of aging is to have a routine and stick to it.  My personal routine is to wash, moisturize, and treat.  I like the Altcheck MD Brightening Serum in the mornings as it seems to really perk my face up a bit.

Altchek MD 9

**Have a Day and Night Routine

Altchek MD 4

While it is great to have a daytime routine, you must realize that your skin is going to have different needs at nighttime so you will need a nighttime routine too.  Personally I think that the Altcheck MD Night Treatment is a great choice for helping to prevent and treat aging at night.

Altchek MD 7

**Don’t Forget the Eyes

Altchek MD 3

It is also important that you do not forget the eyes.  There are a few different things that i like to do for my eyes as the eyes are often the first place that shows aging.  I like to use the Eye Repair Cream as part of my daytime routine.

Altchek MD 2

Altchek MD

As part of my nighttime routine I like to use the Altcheck MD Eye Gel Pads to make sure that my eyes look bright and beautiful in the morning.

Altchek MD 6

Altcheck MD is a great line of products that are really going to help you to avoid seeing the signs of aging in your own skin.  I love mine and think that you will love yours too!  Plus, everyone loves looking younger and having people

Celebrating Adeline’s 3rd Birthday with ALEX Toys

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Adeline turned three almost 2 weeks ago and I have been meaning to post a little bit about her birthday since then.  There are so many great choices with ALEX Toys that I usually give these as gifts to my own children as well as all of the other children that we have in our lives.  Their toys are perfect for presents for everyone!

How We Celebrated

**On Her Big Day

We celebrated on Adeline’s third birthday by going to Dunkin Donuts and getting donuts with grandma and grandpa first thing in the morning.  Then we went to Target and she picked out a small mirror toy.  After that we came home and got McDonald’s for lunch because that is what she wanted.  We ended the day with a present (her new purse from ALEX Toys) and cake.

**Her Special Birthday Trip

Since we have four kids we do not often get to spend time with just one of them where they get all of the attention.  For their birthdays we take them all on their own birthday trips where it is just mom and dad and the special birthday child.

So for Adeline’s special day we went out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Then we took her to lunch at Dairy Queen and headed to the Magic House in St Louis.  Our trip to the Magic House was followed by a trip to the American Girl Store for a new baby and then to dinner at a Japanese grill.

Playing with Her New Toy

When she received her new purse she was very excited.  It was the Patch A Peel Purse ($16.95) and she LOVED getting to put the patches on herself and designing how the purse would look.

Adeline is 3.4

She was pretty intense as she was designing the purse and it seemed that she knew just how she wanted it to look. She even told me when she was done and when she didn’t want to use any more of the patches which showed restraint at 3!

Adeline is 3.3

She also wanted to be able to show it off.

Adeline is 3

Then she had to pack it up since we were leaving for her special birthday trip the next morning.

Adeline is 3.2

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Post Play Mat

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A Posh Play Mat ($98.00) is the perfect place for your little one to play.  These are a must have for any new mom or any mom of a young toddler. However play mats are not just for little ones.  They are something that you can continue to use long after your little one has gotten bigger.  I thought that I would share my 10 ten ways to enjoy the Posh Play Mat after your child has grown into an older toddler.

posh play mat

Ten Ways to Use Post Play Mats with Older Children

posh play mat 1

1 — At Games

When we go to watch my oldest play soccer, the kids like to sit somewhere.  It would be a lot of work to take chairs for everyone.  However the Posh Play Mat is easy to carry with us and they can comfortably sit on it.  Plus when there is dew on the ground or the conditions are less than favorable we can still sit on it to keep from getting dirty.

2 — As a Picnic Blanket

My kids love having picnics.  I love having a nice place to sit so that we do not get dirt on our food. The Posh Play Mat makes the perfect picnic blanket.

3 — At the Park

We go to the park a lot.  With four kids it seems that I am always running after one of them and that one of them is always in need of something.  While we are resting at the park or taking a break from play time, the Posh Play Mat makes the perfect place to sit down.

posh play mat 2

4 — When Traveling

When traveling the Posh Play Mat really comes in handy.  We stop a lot with the kids to make travels more enjoyable.  It is the perfect place to sit and watch them run and play or to enjoy lunch where they can stretch.  It is definitely something that we will not be traveling without anytime soon.

5 — At the Pool

I have been known to use the Posh Play Mat at the pool a time or two.  It seems like the chairs are always so hard to come by and we all need a place to sit and rest some.  So this works out as the perfect place for us to sit and take a break.

6 — On Hardwood Floors

We have hardwood floors in all of the rooms of our home but one.  We have been talking about setting up a second TV area for the kids but do not like the idea of them hanging out on the hardwood floors and I can not find a rug that is right for the area.  Thanks to the Posh Play Mat, we have a great place for them to sit and enjoy watching some TV or playing games together.

posh play mat 3

7 — When Camping

While we are camping there is always a need for the Posh Play Mat.  It works perfect to throw a few toys down for the kids to enjoy and it also works great for feeding them meals or anything else.  It is actually something that I wish that we had this summer when we were doing our extensive camping.

8 — At Festivals

We go to a lot of festivals with the kids. When watching shows or performers, the kids like to sit down.  They also like to sit down and do crafts or play games.  The Posh Play Mat is the perfect place for us to sit with the kids for all of these purposes.

9 — At Concerts

When we go to concerts with the kids we usually sit in lawn seats.  This means that the kids are technically sitting on the ground.  Well instead of that I carry the Posh Play Mat with us for them to sit down.

10 — At Fairs

Finally we also go to a lot of fairs.  We watch livestock, see the shows, and do a number of other things together.  It never seems like we can find a place to sit and relax.  I am eager for this year’s fair season and to be able to take the Posh Play Mat along with us.

Please excuse the stock photos as ours of the Posh Play Mat did not turn out as I had hoped.

Holiday Gift Buying Guide

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Well it is that time of year when we must all start thinking about the holidays even if we have not been thinking about the holidays.  This year I am going to be preparing a great guide to holiday gifts and must have items for the holiday season.  Keep checking back as I will be adding a ton of information to this post and I will be adding all of the MUST have gifts in this one popular location.

Perfectly Personalized

vivo print logo VivoPrint offers you the chance to get the personalized gifts that your loved ones are going to cherish for years to come.

zazzle Zazzle makes it possible for you to create the perfect personalized gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Perfect for Everyone

premier kites logo  Premier Kites offers kites that are amazing and perfect for the entire family.

DK publishing logoDK Publishing offers you the chance to give books to everyone on your holiday gift list.

zoku logo Zoku makes the products that you need to have delicious healthy frozen treats at home any time.

winning moves logoWinning Moves Games offers a little something for everyone!  You can rest assured that you will have the best family game night after shopping with them.

books to me logo Books to Me offers you scheduled books of the photos that you have been posting to your Instagram account.  I am eager to check out this product and will be posting a full feature at the beginning of December so you can check it out.  I think that this is a great gift for your favorite person who loves to post pics at Instagram!

chicken soup logo Chicken Soup for the Soul books are perfect for anyone who loves a good heartwarming tale that is going to encourage them in their own struggles.

eco cloth diapers logo  Eco Cloth Diapers offers you the chance to buy high quality bamboo items for everyone in your household. They are a whole lot more than just cloth diapers!

honeywell logo  Honeywell makes great personal heaters that will keep you warm all summer long while helping you to save money too.

ozeri logo   Ozeri makes a high quality fan that is perfect for anyone who is looking to have a gentle breeze in the winter or really cool off in the summer.

Items for the Kiddos

livie and luca logo  Livie and Luca offer high quality shoes that your little ones are sure to love just as much as you do.

chatsters logo Chatsters Gabby doll is a fun and interactive toy that is unlike any doll that you have seen before!

zoomer dino logoZoomer Dino makes your child a dino tamer!!

PaddlePak I love Trunki products and find that they are going to make a lot of people happy this holiday season.  I am in love with the Yondi neck pillows because they are neck pillows that my little ones will actually use.  I am also in love with the PaddlePaks!  I love that these amazing backpacks are splash proof and a ton of fun for your child to carry around.

alex kitchen 4   ALEX Toys offers you the best choices for a great home kitchen for your little one.

digipals logoDigiPals offers a unique way for your child to carry their electronics and keep the screens clean at the same time.

toddler alex 4 ALEX Toys offers you a lot of toddler fun for your little one.

Poof logo  POOF offers you a great line of My 1st Sports toys that will help any budding athlete find their sport.

alex piano ALEX Toys offers bath time fun for little ones!

green toys logo Green Toys offers safe toys that you don’t have to worry about containing toxins or other harmful chemicals.

wee squeak logo  Wee Squeak offers adorable styles of squeaky shoes that your toddler and early walker will love to wear!!  Until November 25th you can enter a contest to win a $50 gift card!!  Open to residents in the US and Canada!

Boogin head logo Boogin’ Head will be like a breath of fresh air for moms as it makes their life a whole lot easier.

safari ltd logoSafari LTD offers you a little something for all of the kiddos on your shopping list this year.

north star toys 1 North Star Toys has all of your handmade wooden toy needs and a great nativity set that is perfect for the holiday season.

BubbleBum LOGO cmyk Bubble Bum booster seats offer you all of the protection that you need from a booster seat in a package that is fully portable and can be folded into a small bag.

spark up 2   SparkUp is the reader that you wish that you always had for your child.

tsukihoshi logo  Tsukihoshi Shoes offer you a great selection that are comfortable for your child but also feature the best styles and colors.

yoxo logo  YOXO offers your child creative fun and is a great tool to teach them about recycling.

halo logo  The Halo SleepSack is an amazing gift that will keep the little ones in your life warm all night long.

buttons logo  Buttons Diapers offers high quality cloth diapers that are great for all of the little ones on your list.

Kidz gear  Kidz Gear offers you high quality headphones that are perfect for your child.

zoey's attic logo   Zoey’s Attic offers you a lot of great choices for personalized gifts for your children.

aden logo  Aden + Anais offers you amazing products for your baby…and guess what they’re perfect for baby’s stocking!!

tt_logo_only_tm Tidy Tots Diapers are a great choice for your little one if you are thinking about cloth diapering.  Their starter set offers you an affordable way to jump in and fall in love!

Beatrix girls logo The Beatrix Girls are a great present for any little girl.  The little girl will learn about being confident and having great self esteem from these popstar dolls.

Zip It Baby Zip It! Baby features high quality layette wear and blankets that are perfect for any baby in your life.  The materials are some of the softest and thickets that I have felt.

Tumblewalla logo  Tumblewalla offers high quality clothes for babies and toddlers and if you order before December 17th using the code HOLIDAY you can save 30% and get free holiday shipping too!!!

New Jammies logoNew Jammies offers a wide range of holiday styles and pajamas that really are perfect for everyone.  With so many great styles to choose from there really is no reason that you should not be shopping with New Jammies this holiday season and throughout the new year.

eeboo logo  eeBoo offers you a lot of high quality children’s items that are more than just toys.

iswimband logo iSwimband offers moms a chance to feel more at ease while around water with their kids.

paw patrol logo 2  The Paw Patrol is always on a roll and ready to help others.  The Spin Master line of Paw Patrol toys will help you teach your little one to help others and give back.

Spin Master logo  Spin Master’s Family Game Night games are perfect for playing games with your family from toddler to adult.

spy gear logo  Spy Gear offers you the toys that your child needs to become a spy on their own.

posh play mat  A Posh Play Mat is a great place for a little one to play and a must have for all families.

Items for Women

tieks logo Tieks by Gavrieli are comfortable easy to take anywhere ballet flats that every woman needs as a part of their wardrobe.

honeycat cosmetics  Honeycat Cosmetics offers luxurious bath products that will be the favorite gift of any women in your life.

taos untopia Taos Footwear offers the perfect shoes for every woman in your life.  Check them out for great style, function, and fun!

betabrand logoBetabrand offers great clothing choices that are fun for any men and women on your list.  Check out my post on their awesome holiday styles.

couture gel logo Couture Gel Nail Polish will let you give the gift of the perfect home manicures.


initials overnighterInitials Inc offers free personalization and something for everyone!

our world logo Our World Boutique offers you an amazing selection of high quality clothes and jewelry so you can shop for that favorite woman in your life.

live happy logo Live Happy Magazine is a great gift for any woman that you want to be able to find her true happiness in life.

Logo 833x192  Anatomie offers great clothes that are perfect for travel and the women who is on the go in your life.

Spanx logo  SPANX offers you high quality fashion finds that are going to make you feel more confident and leave you looking great.  SPANX brand products are filling up my Christmas wish list this year!

Items for Men

betabrand logoBetabrand offers great gift choices for men and women both.  Check out my post about their clothes being perfect for holiday style.

Ideal Toys Logo  IDEAL Toys offers you a great selection of yard games that are perfect for any fun loving man in your life.

For the Techies in Your Life

d link logoD-Link offers exciting solutions to make your home into a smart home.

BITS Limited Logo  BITS Limited offers a unique way to keep your electronics protected and safe with the some of the best surge protectors on the market.

eartheasy logo  Eartheasy makes the perfect gifts for any outdoor enthusiast in your life.

For Your Favorite Photographer

miggo logo  Miggo offers a great line of camera straps that are completely unique and offer a great solution to the same boring and bulky camera bag.

Perfectly Stuffed Stockings

zebra logoZebra Pens offers you a lot of great choices that are going to make it easy to have perfect stockings this year.

dust off logoDust Off offers clean computers and screens.  Great new fashion forward options are perfect for stockings for everyone you love!

piggy paint logo Safari LTD is a great nail polish that can perfectly fit in your favorite little girl’s stocking.

shave mob logo ShaveMOB offers you high quality razors and razor blades that make the PERFECT stocking stuffer.

For New Moms and Pregnant Friends

hip baby wrap Hip Baby Wrap is the perfect gift for a new mom or mom to be.  Babywearing has a ton of benefits for baby and mommy too!

For the Fur Babies in Your Life

Print Neater Feeder offers you a simple solution to being able to keep your house clean from food and water spills and messes.

For the Fitness Enthusiast

ignite by spri  Ignite Fitness offers the fitness enthusiast in your life great workouts that are a ton of fun.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Spy Gear

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Spy Gear toys are a great line of fun toys that help your child to feel as though they are a real spy.  I will admit that I have been known to play with the Spy Gear toys that we already own and  I am sure that I will enjoy this new one as well.

spy gear logo

We were sent the Spy Gear Undercover Spy Cam which I am trying to decide which one of the boys is going to get it.  This is a fun little camera that your child can hide somewhere so that they can spy on someone.  I am not quite sure that I am ready to be spied on all of the time but I honestly think that this one is going to be a lot of fun.  I do think that we will have to have some rules though, like no video taping someone when their door is locked and no video taping people when they sleep (well, because frankly that is creepy!).

spy gear

What Children Should Know About Spies

Since so many children are obsessed with Spy Gear there are a lot things that parents should be willing to teach them.  Of course the world of espionage is one that is not always easy for children to understand and filled with a lot of information that children should know about.  So when it comes to teaching children about spies with their Spy Gear there are some rules that you should really follow.

Rule 1 — Do Not Teach Too Much

Teach your child the basics.  Tell him or her about the job that spies perform in a way that they can understand without being scare.  I told my children that a spy was someone who works for someone else to find out information.  They took this answer, asked a few questions, and we discussed until I thought that they had at least a grasp on the job.

Rule 2 — Keep Things Age Appropriate

I could share a lot more with my oldest about spies since he is 11.  I have decided that we can sit down and talk about things in a way that I couldn’t with the other children.  I would be able to tell him about the government wanting to watch others without him becoming afraid.

Rule 3 — Make Sure No One is Scared

Make sure that you explain things in a way that your child is not going to become fearful during.  If your child does get scared, ask why and learn what is really going on with them.

So when it come to having some fun with their new Spy Gear toy, my children are going to have rules about what type of “spying” is allowed in our house.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Spin Master Toys Family Game Night Games

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Family Game Night Games Can Help You Survive Family Game Night with Toddlers

Since I am the mom of four and there is about 8 years of age difference between number 1 and number 4, I will admit that at times I have to really get creative to have fun as a family.  Let’s face it, it is not often that a toddler and a junior high student have the same interests.  This is one of the things that I love so much about the family game night box full of games that I received from Spin Master Toys.  I was able to really play games with all four of my children and I could survive family game night with a toddler.

Spin Master logo

I received a family game night pack that was filled with four of the hottest games of the season.  The games included Headbanz Act Up!, Beat the Parents Family Challenge, Moustache Smash, and Shark Mania.  We loved playing the three that we tested out during our family game night and I am sure that they are something that your family would enjoy as well.  (On a side note:  I will follow up with some more pictures in the future.  I thought that I was videotaping the last game night from time to time and my phone ran out of memory so I was not doing anything….oops!)

family game night 4

Tips to Survive Family Game Night with a Toddler

**Choose Games That Everyone Can Play

family game night 5

One of the things that I love about Shark Mania is that it is really a game that everyone can play.  Now we already had this game as Huxley had gotten it for his birthday.  This game is a TON of fun and one that we actually play quite a bit from time to time.  There is a learning curve and maybe even a little frustration in the beginning so I would suggest setting up and playing once alone before you have your child play.  Otherwise it is a game that everyone can play fairly.  Our 3 year old and our 11 year old both enjoy playing this one and they genuinely seem to have a good time playing.

**Have Fair Teams

family game night 2

With the game Beat the Parents Family Challenge we know that it is going to be hard to have it be children against adults.  Instead we tend to split things up a bit and do the game split into teams that are more fair.  This does not mean that the children do not still get to do the children tasks on the card and the parents continue to do the parent’s task.  It just makes it easier for them to play since playing without our 11 year old would mean that one team could not really read completely yet.  (Althea is a good reader for her age but as a 1st grader some of the questions and words would be way to hard for her!)

**Find Ways to Let Everyone Play Fairly

family game night 1

I am a strong believer that children should not get special rules in a game.  This does not mean that they are always going to lose.  The thing is that I want my children to lose sometimes so that they learn to be good sports and not sore losers.  I made the mistake with the oldest where I always let him win when he was little and he still gets really upset if he is playing games and not doing so well.  So when it came time to play Headbanz Act Up!  I looked at the things on the card and picked ones out for the little ones that they would potentially know what they were.  Some of them were things that a 3 year old or a 5 year old might never be able to figure out.  They still had to play the game by the rules but the game was adapted so that it would be possible for them to play.

**Focus on Each Child’s Strengths

family game night 3

Each one of your children is going to have strengths and their strengths will come into play in different board games.  Althea has really good hand and eye coordination so I think that she will be amazing at the Moustache Smash game.


Holiday Gift Buying Guide — Teach Your Children to Help Others with Paw Patrol

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Spin Master logo

Paw Patrol is one of the hottest TV shows right now.  It seems like no matter where I go there are tons of toys, movies, and even games featuring the lovable characters.  I will admit that my younger two are really into the shows and get really excited when we are watching them.  So I thought that it was a lot of fun that we received the Paw Patrol On a Roll Marshall toy.  I think that this looks like fun and it is going to make the perfect Christmas present for Huxley with the addition of a great Paw Patrol movie.  I love that someone is going to give him something that he is going to love so much.

paw patrol logo 2

In the past I have shared some of the great things that your child can learn from the Paw Patrol.  Today I thought that I would share a fun little lesson that you could teach your child about helping others with the help of the Paw Patrol.

paw patrol

One of the greatest things about the Paw Patrol is that they are always “on a roll” to help someone else.  They are ALWAYS trying to do something that is focused on helping others!

How the Paw Patrol Can Teach Your Kids to Help Others

paw patrol logo

**Lead By Example

The best thing that parents can do to teach their children to help others is to lead by example.  One great thing about the Paw Patrol is that they are ALWAYS lending a helping hand so they are the perfect example for your children.  I love that mine want to go on a rescue after they have watched the show!

**Talk to Your Child About Helping Others

It is great to share stories with your children about helping others.  One great way to do this with the Paw Patrol is to talk about how the characters helped others when they were on their mission.

**Volunteer With Your Child

While preschoolers might not be able to do much in the way of volunteering, there are projects that you can do.  Ask if you can adopt a grandparent at a local nursing home.  This is a great way to take your child to visit someone on a regular basis who might not otherwise have visitors and it teaches your child how important it is to give back.

**Find A Local Organization to Get Your Child Involved In

There are many great organizations that work with children to do things that are part of giving back to others.  I like scouting personally but there are many other organizations out there that someone could get involved in with their children.

**Donate with Your Child

Help your child to clean out their closet or their toys and take them with you when you go to donate these things.

**Take to Your Child About How to Help

When your child mentions something about knowing someone in need, take the time to talk to them about how you can help them.  Try to come up with something that you can do as a family.  What about not going out to eat for a month and investing that money into a grocery store gift card for someone who needs food?  Helping your children to be willing to invest their own sacrifices to help others is a very valuable lesson in life.

So it is possible to teach your children how they too can give back and help others.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Just Enough of a Breeze with Ozeri

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

I LOVE sleeping with a fan on me.  When I was younger this was not something that I appreciated.  In fact, I will admit that when I was younger, I was ALWAYS cold.  Well since I have gotten older I have learned that there is just nothing the same as being to sleep all night long in the comfort of a fan.  This is something that I personally enjoy and something that is going to make me happier while I am trying to get a night’s rest.  I don’t know why this has changed but it has and since it has I have not been able to sleep without a fan.

ozeri logo

Well recently my fan broke and I found that I was not sleeping very well without it.  In fact it seemed like Shane and Adeline (who still usually ends up in our bed) were not sleeping as well either.  So I went on a hunt to find a great fan.  What I found was that Ozeri makes a ton of amazing fans and many that I would love the opportunity to be able to review.

ozeri 1

I was excited to choose the Ozeri 3x Tower Fan which I really LOVE.  I am so excited that I was able to review this because the amount of breeze that it creates is just perfect for sleeping all night long.  I have found that with this fan plugged in that we are all sleeping just a little bit better and maybe even a little bit longer.  Yes I will admit that I have even slept in and woken up late enough times that I am setting an alarm each night again which I have not done in a few years.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Fan

**Think About Your Needs

During the winter I want a fan that produces a gentle breeze but during the summer I need a fan that is going to be strong enough to really cool our room.  I am so excited about this fan because it produces a nice gentle breeze but can produce enough to keep us cool all winter long!!  I also wanted a fan with a remote because then we can adjust it from our bed…yes I am that lazy when I trying to sleep.  (Well technically not lazy but I have a really hard time falling asleep when I too cold/hot or when I get up and more around.)

ozeri 4

**Think About Where the Fan Will Be Used

One thing that I have to do when looking at fans is think of what rooms we are going to use them in.  With this fan I knew that I was going to use it in our bedroom so I knew that it could be something a little more than what we use in other rooms of our home.  I really love it and am so happy that I chose to review this exact model.  This one is slim enough that it is easy for us to fit anywhere in our overcrowded room.

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**Choose a Fan That You Know You’ll Love

When I saw this tower fan with three fans I knew that it would come in especially handy this summer.  We actually do not have vents in our house and can not have central air.  So I was very interested in being able to see if this fan would be strong enough to really cool our room so that maybe we would not have to put a window AC unit in.  To be honest I think that we will have no problems staying cool this summer now!  The sleek design and style are certainly something that I appreciate and love.

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**Don’t Be Afraid to Spend a Bit More to Get What You Want

I am one of those people who rarely worries about how much money  I spend on something that I am going to use a lot.  I know that some of my friends and family are always looking for a great bargain but one of the things that I remind them is that you have to spend money for something that is higher quality to really get a great value.  I strongly believe this with fans.  This amazing fan is just $95.99 right now.  It is on sale from $129.95 and I would have purchased it for the more expensive price now that I have seen how amazing it is.  The quality is just so much better than the other fans that we have owned.

Please forgive me for using stock photos.  I honestly just did not love the photos that I took of the product.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Stay Warm with Honeywell

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Recently I was lucky enough to receive the Honeywell Heat Bud Personal Heater and I have to admit that this is one of the review items that my husband has bragged about the most.  To be honest Shane doesn’t talk much at all (Shocker since I talk all of the time, right?!?).  Well I had asked him about things that he needed to try and find something for review.  He expressed to me that his heater that was in the basement got broken when our basement flooded last summer.  Since this is something that he had used every single day last winter,  I went on a hunt to find a great personal heater for his work area in our basement.

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What I found when I was searching was that Honeywell has some great rated heaters that are supposed to work really well without taking up too much space.  So I was pretty excited to be able to test out the Heat Bud because it is really small enough for him to set on his desk.  The best thing is that he tells me that it works really well and that it really helps him to stay warm at his desk.  Since his desk is such a mess and I am too embarrassed to post pictures I thought that I would share stock shots with you.  This is only because his desk is his space and I do not feel like I should be moving things or cleaning it up no matter how crazy it drives me.

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The Heat Bud is a personal sized heater that is perfect for anyone who is hoping to stay warm this winter.  It works great and is small enough that it can really be placed anywhere.  The heater is made from ceramic too so we know that it is going to last a long time without problems.  It also looks cute when it is sitting out thanks to its modern design and multiple color choices.  Not only does it provide a lot of eat for its size, it also only uses 250 watts of energy!  This really makes it great for anyone who is trying to save money without making them have to sit around being cold.

Tips to Save Money and Stay Warm This Winter

**Look for Items with the Energy Star Label

When you are shopping for personal heaters or other items to help you stay warm look for ones that have the energy star label on them.  This is going to ensure that you are choosing products that use the least amount of energy.  I love that the Heat Bud only uses 250 watts of power or less.

**Keep Thermostat Set No Higher Than 68

It can be tempting to keep turning your thermostat up this winter but the higher you go, the more money that you are going to be spending.  Think about keeping your house at around 65-67 degrees and do not go higher than 68.  This can save you hundreds throughout the winter months and no your children are not going to get sick from playing in this temperature.  Think about summer time and when you turn your AC on, most Americans turn theirs on when it is just 70 degrees outside.

**Clean Vents, Registers, and Filters

Cleaning out the vents, registers and filters is going to make it easier for air to flow through them which will help it stay warmer using less energy.

**Use Electric Heaters in Colder Rooms

Using small personal heaters like the Heat Bud can really save you money when heating your home this winter.  We live in an old house that has really high ceilings in our living room and dining room so it is especially important for us to use small heaters in the rooms that we are sitting in so that we can avoid spending extra money on heating bills all winter long.

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