Reasons It Is Important to Drink Enough Water #NSNation @NSNation #sponsored

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I will admit that this is perhaps the biggest struggle in my life. I often feel week, tired and over consumed with things and I believe strongly that this is much to my own doing. I seriously know that I should not be this way. I should drink my water but something in me just doesn’t want to and I just do not want to make it. I am honestly not a big drinker of anything but I do have my favorites. So what I do now is make myself drink a bottle of water when I first wake up. Some days are easier than others. Then I get ready and while I am getting ready I work on my second bottle of water. After these two bottles of water I drink a smoothie or iced coffee. I then sip on another bottle of water and have breakfast.

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After this I have a little bit of down time and am working on my fourth bottle of water. I finish this up and allow myself a snack only after I have drank four bottles of water. I drink the fifth with the snack, taking a drink in between each bite. Not only does this help me feel fuller longer from my snack but it also helps me to enjoy my snack for a longer period of time so I feel like I am eating more than I actually am.

After snack time it is back to drinking and I drink my sixth bottle of water. After I have drank 6 bottles of water I will allow myself a calorie free/low calorie sports drink. This is tasty and one of the things that I love. I actually have a favorite diet drink that would be preferred if I could afford the high cost that it has.

It is generally around lunch time now and I allow myself to eat my lunch. If I am having a busy day or working I am eating one of the portable bars and some lite yogurt and/or a protein bar. While I am eating I am doing the same water thing that I did before. I know that I should be eating more veggies and stuff at this time but seriously protein bars are so easy to tote around that it is just the best choice for me.

I drink an 8th bottle of water in between lunch and afternoon snack time. By this time I have all of my water in. This means that I drink whatever I want for the rest of the day although I try to stay away from soda or anything carbonated for reasons having to do with bloating. If I want to have any alcoholic beverages I drink a glass of water after every two. I also make sure to drink at least 10 bottles of water the day that I am drinking and the day afterwards.

So as you can see it is possible to easily and quickly get in as much water as you need. The fact remains that if you make excuses like I did then you will never get anywhere. A great thing that I do for myself with all of this is make sure that I am tracking myself and keeping myself accountable. I know that I can do it even if I feel like I can’t. The best thing for me are groups that require me to account for my actions and what I am doing.

Picking Out Boots for Any Seasons and Any Style

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I love to be able to dress based on my moods. I will admit that this can sometimes cause me to have a hard time shopping for shoes. Since I love shoes I have been known a time or two to use the excuse to purchase more. However my husband is always annoyed when I am constantly purchasing something that I could have just purchased once.

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Thanks to Sandgrens he no longer has to be annoyed with what I am purchasing to wear on my feet. I challenged myself to find a great pair of boots that would work with the different styles that I love and be perfect for all seasons. I chose the New York Boots in Fudge ($279). I love these boots and I think that they look great with many different styles of clothing and that they too are perfect for every season.

Sandgrens 1

Vintage Summer Love
I love vintage pieces. One of my favorite things to purchase are short vintage dresses. I love how they look in the summer and how fun they are to wear. One great thing about the New York is that they look great with the cute short vintage summer looks that are my favorite. It reminds me of the summer of love when I see cute pairings like this one. I love how versatile these boots are.

sandgrens 3

Warm Fall Fashion Finds
Fall clothes are fun and blend warm and cold pieces together. This fall outfit is a great way to wear the Sandgrens New York Boots. They look perfect with the pants and pair nicely with the rich fall colors. Most of the time I would not wear the same shoes in the summer and fall but with these I plan on honestly wearing them year round.

sandgrens 6

Cozy Winter Wear
I am a dress girl. I love eclectic pieces like this dress. I also love that I can pair it with leggings and have it be the perfect find for winter. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to be able to look great while being practical in the winter months. I love that I can wear my favorite winter finds with these boots as well.

sandgrens 4

Fun Preppy Spring Choices
Another thing that I love is cute spring outfits. I love being able to wear a great pair of jeans and a cute lightweight sweater when it is rainy out and things are still a little on the cool side. I love how this preppy look pairs with the boots just as much as the other styles.

sandgrens 5

The Sandgrens New York Boots are really the perfect for anyone who has been looking for the perfect boots to wear with their many styles throughout the year.

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Phases of the Moon Artist Spotlight — Leftover Salmon

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Leftover Salmon Awakens Bluegrass with a Fresh New Spin

As someone who grew up listening to bluegrass and country music I will admit that there is a soft spot in my heart for the artists who continue to play in this genre. One of the bands that I have been a big fan of for many years is Leftover Salmon. I have loved them since back in the Salmonfest days when I used to travel to Missouri to check out their great festival. I will admit that this festival was one of the more fun festivals that I have attended my entire life.

phases 5

The band started about twenty five years ago and has been touring the country and playing wonderful music ever since. The band was born in part by chance. The members had a chance meeting when Vince Herman was packed up and moving to Colorado with a friend from his native West Virginia. While he could have stopped anywhere, he just so happened to stop at the bar where Drew Emmitt was playing. Some might call this luck but I personally think of it as fate.

Leftover Salmon First

Leftover Salmon has been a part of my entire adult life. Their music has carried me through some of the best times of my life and also through some of the hardest. There are songs that I hear that make me cry because they take me to a memory that is strongly connected to strong emotions. The music has also been with me during some of the happiest and best moments in my life. Just like there are songs that make me cry, there are songs that make me smile and it can sometimes be hard to keep from giggling as I am giddy and filled with emotion.

Leftover Salmon

I thought that I would share a few of my favorite memories that I connect to a Leftover Salmon song.

The song “Lovin’ In My Baby’s Eyes” is one that instantly makes me smile. I love my husband so much and I love how the lyrics depict a certain special point in our relationship. Relationships are not always easy and when the going gets tough I find songs that remind me of the beginning when we were falling in love can help me stick out the rough times. What I have learned from this is that there are even better times ahead.

Leftover Salmon 2

I love going to festivals and concerts. Every time that I am headed to a festival one of the songs that is a must on my play list is “Carnival Time.” This song is just one that puts you in the mood to party. Who isn’t ready for a great time when they are going somewhere to have fun? I have even found that the song invokes joyful feelings me during rough times. So I play it when I am having a bad day and I find that I am transformed into a happier and more relaxed person.

“Bend in the River” is another song that always makes me smile and feel great. I love the lyrics to this one. In fact this was the first song that I ever sang to my husband when we were just friends. I sang it to him because I wanted nothing more than to hold him close under a willow tree.

Leftover Salmon 3

The music from Leftover Salmon likely invokes different feelings in each person who listens to it. I personally find that my connection to music occurs when I am able to sit back and relate a specific song to a certain time in my life.


Phases of the Moon Artist Spotlight — Widespread Panic

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Widespread Panic is a nationally touring jam band that is nearly as old as I am. They really know how to show their fans a great time and are one of the bands that I have had the honor to enjoy on numerous occasions.

phases 5

The band has their own unique gritty sound that is unlike other bands that you might choose to see. I’ve been closely watching the media associated with Widespread Panic over the past few months. It would appear from set lists that they are playing a great mix of music that old and new fans alike can enjoy.  I love that they give new meaning to the old term “Southern Rock.”  If you have not heard them before think about the standard southern rock band and give them a progress twist.

widespread panic photo

(all photos by — Andy Tenille and taken from the official Widespread Panic website)

The band is made of the following members: John Bell, John (JoJo) Hermann, Jimmy Herring, Todd Nance, Domingo Ortiz, and Dave Schools. I find it very intriguing that John Bell was actually a journalism student for a while. When I learned this I found a new way to respect him. I love writing and find it interesting when I meet others who enjoy writing as much as I do.

widespread panic photo 2

Now if you asked me about my favorite Widespread Panic moment I would have to share that it was my birthday show (July 27 2005—my birthday is July 25th). The band was on this night and every time that I have heard them play since then I have been transported back to that magical place where I was dancing all night long.

widespread panic photo 3

There is something about the style of their music that reminds me of times past and music that was popular before. It is not the same type of music that you hear from multiple other bands that uniqueness makes it something completely its own.

widespread panic photo 4

I will say that I have yet to hear my favorite song live, “Ribs and Whiskey”. So if the band were to play it during one of their shows at Phases of the Moon I would be really excited and LOVE to see it live! So I am crossing my fingers and will be hanging out to check out a few of their shows.

My Favorite Fall Shoes for Boys — 10 Pairs Every Little Boy Should Rock This Fall and Winter

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I have to admit that sometimes I find it difficult to shop for shoes for my boys. I will admit that there are not nearly as many choices for boys like there are for girls. So I thought that I would share with you my favorite 10 pairs of boy’s shoes that I have seen for this fall/winter season.

fall boys shoes 1

1. Tsukihoshi Flame ($60)
My son loves a great pair of tennis shoes. I love that these look cute, are washable and lightweight. I know that wearing them is going to be as good for his feet as it is his style. So when it comes to finding the best tennis shoes I always look at the Tsukihoshi brand first.

fall boys shoes 2

2. Bogs Kid Stripe Rainboot ($50)
This fall is proving to be a rainy one here. I love Bogs rainboots for the whole family. Right now I am in love with the adorable colors and styles that are available, like this striped pair.

fall boys shoes 3

3. Teva Charge WP Update ($65)
A great pair of shoes that are ready for a hike is a must for our family. This fall I needed to find a style that would be functional for our hiking adventures. It made it even better that I liked how this pair of shoes looked.

fall boys shoes 4 fall boys shoes 4.2

4. Umi Shoes Mack ($40)
Umi Shoes always offers some of the best styles for little boys. I am in love with the Mack and both color choices that it comes in. I love the neutral tones paired with the bright colors because I think that they look cute.

fall boys 5

5. Pediped Justin ($59)
The Pediped Justin will great with your son’s jeans as well as with his khaki casual pants. This is one pair of shoes that every fashion forward little boy needs to have in his shoe wardrobe.

fall boys 6

6. Preschooler’s Stride Rite Marvel Mash Up Slip-On ($36)
Like every little boy, Huxley loves superheros. I love these easy for him to put on shoes that feature some of his favorites. I love that they are not too over the top and that they still look somewhat stylish. They are one of my favorite choices for a little boy who wants to have his own character shoes.

fall boys 7

7. Ugg Redwood ($130)
My little man loves to play outside so a great warm pair of boots is a necessity fore him during the fall and winter. I love this look of the Redwood from Ugg. I also love that the shoes are going to hold up well and that I will not have to replace them until he outgrows them.

fall boys 8fall boys 8.2

8. Plae Shoes Max the High Top ($59.95)
The Plae Shoes Max style is a great choice for the little man in your life. I love how these shoes look and he will love getting to pick out new tabs for them. Plus since new tabs are less than $5 it is not going to break the bank when he wants something different.

fall boys 9

9. Livie and Luca Fox Navy Fall 2014 ($56)
Livie and Luca makes some amazing shoes for your child. They make shoes that not only look great but are also going to last a long time. Plus they feature cute little additions that will make wearing the shoes more fun for your little one. I love this adorable pair with the fox that I am sure Huxley would love too.

fall boys 10

10. Morgan and Milo Charlie ($42)
I love all of the great colors that the Charlie comes in. With boys’ fashion lacking sometimes I find that neutral clothes and a pop of color with the shoes can look great. I am personally obsessed with this adorable pair for Huxley this fall.

Finding great shoes for fall for a little boy can be simple and fun.

Girls Back to School Shoe Needs Met — The 10 Pairs that Every Little Girls This Fall

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Since I am a shoe girl my six year old daughter is a shoe girl. I love taking her shopping and love to hear about the shoes that she loves. I take her opinion, likes and dislikes into consideration when I am shopping for shoes. I thought that I would share her top shoe picks for this fall/winter season.

girls fall shoes 1

1. Morgan and Milo Freddie Mary Jane in Brave Navy ($42)
Althea loves to get dressed up. She would wear a skirt or dress every single day if I would let her. One of the ways that we compromise so that she will wear jeans in warmer weather is to have adorable shoes that have a little bit of bling on them. These mary janes are a perfect choice for her because they feature a bow and sequins.

girls fall shoes 2

2. Livie and Luca Pio Pio Grape Fall 2014 ($58)
This year Althea has been very fond of purple. When I saw that Livie and Luca made a pair of their Pio Pio shoes in a great purple color I was very happy. I know that with the two tones of purple in these shoes that she would be able to easily wear them with all of her purple outfits. They would also look great with a number of additional outfits that she has.

girls fall shoes 3

3. Ugg Australia Cardi Boots ($120)
The women’s version of the Cardi boot has been my favorite since I first heard about Uggs. I love the slouchy sweater style. So when I saw the Cardi boots for girls I was excited because I knew that these would make the perfect addition to my daughter’s fall shoe collection.

girls fall shoes 4 girls fall shoes 4.2

4. Plae Shoes Camille The Boot ($69.95)
Plae Shoes are just too much fun!! They allow your child to change her mind and customize her shoes with additional tabs. I just love these boots and I also love that Althea would be able to try out new tabs for less than $5 per set.

girls fall shoes 5

5. Preschooler’s Stride Rite Disney Princess Frozen Cozy Boot ($49)
Since winter is coming I know that my daughter is going to need a great pair of boots that are cozy. This pair features the stars of Frozen which I am 100% sure that she would love. I love that they are not overpowering on the shoes and that the shoes do not look like the typical character shoes. For me this makes this pair a win and since they are frozen they are a win for her as well.

girls fall shoes 6

6. Pediped Starlite Fuchsia ($53)
Althea is a lot like me when it comes to shoes. She is not a big fan of tennis shoes or shoes that tie. So I buy her several different pairs of Mary Jane styled shoes in different colors. She loves that she can pick the ones that she wants. I love that she actually wears the shoes that I am spending money on. This pair is adorable and I love the bright color.

girls fall shoes 7

7. Umi Shoes Hectorr ($65)
The Hectorr is a great shoe to wear with jeans during the fall and winter. We do a lot of hiking and I love having shoes for my children that are going to work well fore this need. These shoes will really work for Althea to be fall ready. I can just picture them with jeans and a cute sweater.

girls fall shoes 8

8. Tsukihoshi Marina ($54)
Even though her tennis shoes are not the preferred choice most days, there are times when she is ready to put some on with a specific outfit. I personally love the Tsukihoshi line of tennis shoes for children. This pair is adorable and features a number of colors that are all going to be fun for her.

girls fall shoes 9

9. Bogs Kids Wall Ball Mary Jane ($50)
Since mary janes are her favorite I figured that I would let her have a few pairs in different colors for her fall collection. This pair is adorable and so versatile that it would look great with a number of different outfits that we have.

girls fall shoes 10

10. Bogs Kids Wall Ball Velcro ($50)
This pair of shoes comes in some great colors. I personally love this shade and think that they would look perfect with so many cute fall outfits. I also love that they are velcro and would be easy for her to put them on and take them off.

Fall shoe shopping for my school age daughter could end up a nightmarish experience, but with these great finds it was easy. We were even able to look at shoes together online so that I could find out which ones she liked.

The 10 Pairs of Shoes Every Toddler Girl Needs This Fall/Winter

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Since I started blogging I can honestly say that one of my favorite things to review is shoes. I am very lucky because I have been able to work with a number of amazing sponsors for shoe reviews. I thought that I would share my top picks for your toddler daughter’s shoe needs this fall and winter. These are the same shoes that are on my own personal wish list for my toddler.

Fall Toddler Shoes 1

1. The Perfect Pair of Tennis Shoes
I almost always shop with Tsukihoshi for my children’s tennis shoe needs. I love so many of the adorable styles that they offer. One of my favorites for my toddler this fall is the Storm ($60).

Fall Toddler Shoes 2

2. A Great Pair of Boots
I know that you already know that I love Bogs Boots but seriously my toddler just must have the Kids Boga Boots ($95). I can just imagine how cute these would look with so many of our fall fashion finds. They could be paired with dresses and pants alike which is something that I look for when I am shopping for boots.

Fall Toddler Shoes 3

3. Casual Fun Style
Since I am obsessed with the mustard colors that can be found everywhere in fall fashion, it is not surprising that I was instantly drawn to these. The Livie and Luca Hedgie Yellow Fall 2014 ($56) is seriously one of the cutest pairs of shoes that I have seen available this year.

fall toddler shoes 4

4. Functional Casual Shoes
Morgan and Milo is a great go to brand for children’s shoes. I have purchased from them a few times over the years and have never been disappointed. I love all of the amazingly adorable fashion forward designs that they offer children. The Tess Mary Jane ($44) is adorable and features a great multi-colored chevron that is just as much fun for mom as it is your little one.

Fall Toddler Shoes 6

5. Fashion Forward Boots
Stride Rite is one of those companies that has been around for a long time. They always offer the most competitive pricing, greatest styles and fashions, and even feature extended sizing for hard to fit feet. I have been a huge fan of the brand for as long as I have been a mother. For fall I think that every toddler girl needs a pair of the Preschooler’s Stride Rite Annaleigh ($50).

Fall Toddler Shoes 5

6. Boots that Will Keep Those Piggies Warm on the Coldest Days
Of course the natural choice for someone who is interested in finding warm boots is to go with Ugg. I love so many Ugg styles for toddlers but the Mini Baily Bow ($110) is my personal favorite for this fall. I love the color combinations that are available!!

Fall Toddler Shoes 7

7. Casual Dressy Fun
The Leah Rainbow ($39.95) meets all of the needs that I have for children’s shoes. I love that they can be worn with so many different things. Plus since Adeline is obsessed with rainbows I love that she would readily wear these no matter where we were going. I would highly recommend checking out these and any of the other shoes that Pediped offers for your casual dressy needs.

Fall Toddler Shoes 8

8. Classic Dress Up Style
Dressy shoes that look good with a variety of styles are sometimes difficult to find. One of the things that I love about the Poppy ($60) from Umi Shoes is that they look adorable with so many different styles. They are seriously one of the best choices for a dressy style of shoes for any toddler girl.

Fall Toddler Shoes 9Fall Toddler Shoes 9.3Fall Toddler Shoes 9.2

9. Funky and Different
I was recently introduced to the world of Plae Shoes and must tell you that I am super impressed with these. Plae Shoes feature something that other shoes do not offer. In fact they offer the Roan (The Original) which is a great casual and fun shoe for your child as is ($59.95). Where the fun takes these shoes over the top is that you can choose your own tabs to go with them. I personally like the following two tab packages the best for toddler girls: Metallic Multi-Pak Fuchsia/Flower and the Shimmer Suede Pink ($4.95 for each pair).

Fall Toddler Shoes 10

10. Easy to Wear and Get On
Bogs Baby Shoe line wins in my world with the easiest to get on styles that are available today. I love their new Baby Bogs Nubuck ($50) and seriously can not wait to get my hands on a pair for Adeline to wear.

4 Reasons to Choose Tsukihoshi for Your Back to School Tennis Shoe Needs

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Do you struggle when trying to find back to school tennis shoes for your child? Do you find the vast selection to be overwhelming and feel like you can’t simply choose just one pair? Do you struggle to find shoes that your child is happy to wear that are practical for school?

tsukihoshi logo

I will admit that in the past I would have answered “yes” to each of these questions. However, now that I have found the amazing Tsukihoshi tennis shoes for my children this is not something that I struggle with.

Tsukihoshi are great shoes for your children. They offer support, are lightweight and feature color schemes that any child is sure to love. I have been a HUGE fan of these shoes since Althea was about two years old. In fact she has had a pair almost every season since I bought our first ones.

So I thought that I would share with you the reasons that I LOVE Tsukihoshi shoes for this back to school season.

Reason # 1 – Stylish Tennis Shoes are a Must
Finding stylish tennis shoes for a child can be hard. So many shoes have characters or other designs plastered all over them. While I do allow my children to pick out character shoes for outdoors play, I do not prefer these styles for school. Instead I look for styles that are going to look adorable with the clothes that they wear. The Tsukihoshi shoes that I chose for each of the kids are all stylish and will look great with any outfits that they pair them with.  Althea chose the Glitz in black/mint ($60).

tsukihoshi 1

Reason # 2 – Comfort
Tsukihoshi shoes are some of the most comfortable tennis shoes that you can find for your child. I personally love that my children are excited to wear them. I prefer to be barefoot most of the time and I have passed on this trait to my four children. So many times when they are wearing shoes and we get in the car the shoes are the first thing to go. This can be very frustrating because I hate having to wait for them all to put their shoes back on when we get where we are going. When my children wear their Tsukihoshi shoes they do not take them off in the car. Instead we get where we are going and are actually ready to get out of the car.

tsukihoshi 4

Reason # 3 – Lightweight
Tsukihoshi shoes are lightweight and feel great when your child is wearing them. They can run and play in them easily. They can also enjoy any activity where other shoes might “weigh” them down or hold them back.  Huxley was jumping all over the house when he put on the Wheel in black/blue ($57).  He kept telling me that his shoes made him jump higher.

tsukihoshi 2

Reason # 4 – They’re Washable
That’s right, Tsukihoshi shoes are completely washable!!! Have you ever had shoes for your child and stressed because they looked filthy after the first time that your child wore them. Well, I have had this happen to me more times than I can count. So many pairs of shoes have met their death in my washing machine but Tsukihoshi shoes are completely washable so that I never have to worry about them falling apart while I am washing them.  Since Adeline chose the Speed in Fuchsia/Mint ($60) I am glad that I can wash them.

tsukihoshi 3

Choosing great tennis shoes for the back to school season is something that almost every parent does. When it comes to choosing the right ones for my children I love Tsukihoshi for a number of reasons. The above four are just the top ones.

Tips for Shopping for Fall School Shoes with Teva

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There are so many things that you need when you are looking for the best fall school shoes. You need shoes that are going to last and be high in quality. You also need shoes that are going to look great with your child’s personal fall style. I am obsessed with shoes!! Thanks to that I have created four little shoe monsters that are just as excited and obsessed about shoes as I am.


Teva Shoes have been around for quite a while. The company was started in 1984 (not too long after I was born). Over the years I have owned many pairs of Teva sandals and shoes and my children have worn the sandals. I was just recently made aware of the great fall styles that they offer for children. I am excited that I was able to review a pair for each of my three that in school.

In honor of the great Teva fall school shoes that we found I would like to share some tips for choosing the perfect fall shoes for your little ones.

Tip # 1 – Choose Shoes that Scream Fall

Teva Fall 5

For me fall is full of rich hues, great comfort, and shoes that are perfect for hiking or jumping in the leaves. The Raith WP ($65) that Huxley picked out really does scream fall when I look at them. I do not know that everyone feels this way with different shoes. However I feel like my kids are ready for the fall when their sandals get stored away and their new shoes come out to join our shoe box. I know that the Raith is going to get a lot of wear because Huxley loves shoes that look like boots. However thanks to the superior quality that this brand offers I know that these shoes are going to last him a long time.

Teva Fall

Tip # 2 – Find Shoes that Fit Your Child’s Personality

Teva Fall 4

I can not express how disappointed I have been in the past when I have picked out adorable shoes for my children only to find that they do not wear them. I learned long ago that you have to go with shoe styles that your child is going to love if you want them to wear the shoes out of the house. Althea is my picky child when it comes to shoes and clothes. I really can’t complain because I am confident that she is this way because of me. However I will admit that from time to time it can be quite annoying when she won’t wear something that I have picked out for her. I let her choose her own Teva shoes for fall and she picked out the Charge WP ($65). She is obsessed with pink and purple so I was glad that there were some good quality hiking shoes that featured these colors. It can be hard to find outdoor shoes for a girly girl like my little princess but thanks to Teva I was able to find some.

Teva Fall 3

Tip # 3 – Choose Styles that are Popular

Teva Fall 7

Being popular is not something that I encourage or necessarily want for my children. However my oldest is in junior high so it is important to him to be wearing shoes and clothes like the other kids are wearing. To be honest he really does not ask for much in the way of clothes and shoes so when I showed him Teva’s website and asked him to pick out a pair it took him a while. He finally settled on the Kimtah WP ($65) which he loves. He even said that the other day that he was looking forward to fall jean weather so that he would be able to wear his new shoes. For a child who HATES not being able to wear shorts this is really saying a lot.

Teva Fall 6

When it comes time to shop for the best fall shoes fore your children I know how difficult it can be. Shopping with Teva and following these simple steps can help you to be happy with the back to school fall shoes that your child is wearing.



Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shoes for Your Toddler This Fall

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I love the fall time because I really love shopping. Every fall there is a whole new wardrobe to find which includes finding new shoes for my little ones to fall in love with. One thing that I love to do is let them help me find the shoes that they want. Of course for me this does not mean running into a shoe store for them to look around. Instead it is usually means that I am going to be finding a few pairs for them to pick from online.

Bogs logo

Recently I was able to pick out an adorable pair of Bogs shoes for my toddler. I love the Bogs brand and all that they have to offer. I was able to review some adorable boots and shoes for the entire family this spring and I love everything that they have to offer my family.

Bogs Toddler 14 Bogs Toddler 15

For fall I foresee my children wearing their rain boots a lot this year because it is unusually wet. They will also be able to wear these in the winter because they are lined and warm enough for the cooler temperatures. In addition to their boots the Bogs brand offers the adorable Baby Bogs collection. This collection features a number of great pairs of shoes that are perfect for your toddler for a number of reasons.

Bogs Toddler 16

Here are my shopping tips to find the perfect pair of shoes for your toddler.

Bogs Toddler 13

# 1 – Pick Shoes that They Love
Toddlers have an opinion. I know that it might be hard for some parents to realize this but it is true that toddlers know what they want to wear each day. By allowing your child to find pairs of shoes that they love you will end the argument about what shoes they are going to wear. With Baby Bogs there are plenty of styles that you would like to find.

Bogs Toddler 12

# 2 – Find Shoes that He/She Can Put On Themselves
One of the things that I particularly love about the Baby Bogs line is that they have handles that make it possible for your toddler to put on his or her own shoes. Our new Baby Bogs ($50) that Adeline got are her favorite shoes currently. She can easily put them on herself and wear them wherever we are going.

Bogs Toddler 17

# 3 – Choose Shoes in Bold and Fun Prints
Another thing that I love about Baby Bogs is that they come in amazing colors and styles. I love the purple stripe of the pair that she picked out. There is also a great Classic Zoo print that you can find the baby rainboots in ($50). These boots are not the same as the ones that are made for older kids (which also come in some bigger toddler sizes) but they are adorable and perfect for those rainy days.

Bogs Toddler 11

# 4 – Look for Shoes that Go with Many Looks
Since Adeline is always trying to put together her own outfits I love choosing shoes that she can pair with almost anything. The more that I pick out versatile shoes, the more happy I am with the way that Adeline looks when we leave the house. The new Infant Wall Ball Mary Jane ($50) is a great choice from Bogs for those days when your little one wants a pair of fun shoes and you want to dress her up.

Bogs Toddler

# 5 – Find Pairs of Shoes that are High in Quality
Finally I love Bogs because of the quality. I never have to worry about them ripping, coming across at the seams, or anything like that. I know that they are going to last a long time and that they are going to be something that my toddler will be able to wear for a considerable amount of time. The new fall line of the Baby Bogs includes the Nubuck ($50). These styles are really cute and look like they would withstand any abuse that your child might inflict upon them.

Bogs Toddler 2

Finally what I love about Bogs is that they do not stop with toddlers. In fact they offer styles that are perfect for your entire family. I am seriously in love with the following styles for my family!

Bogs Toddler 4

The Women’s Alexandria ($180) would be a great choice for my fall wardrobe. I do not have tall brown boots for the summer so this is one choice that would easily pair with a number of looks from my fall wardrobe.

Bogs Toddler 5

The Men’s Eugene Slip On ($115) is just the style of shoe that my eleven year old loves to wear. I honestly can not say that I blame him because I prefer a great slip on shoe instead of one that I have to take the time to tie. These shoes really look like they would hold up to his abuse, wear and tear, and still look nice.

Bogs Toddler 6

The Men’s Eugene Boot ($125) is a great style for the man in your life. I know that my husband could rock these with his jeans and t-shirts and look great. He could also pair them with his business casual work clothes for those times when he is traveling and wanting to carry on all of this luggage.

Bogs Toddler 7Bogs Toddler 8

The Kids Wall Ball Mary Jane ($50) in purple would be a pair of shoes that Althea would LOVE to wear. She loves adorable and fun shoes and these would be a great pair for her to have. I also think that she would look adorable in the Kids Boga Boots ($95).

Bogs Toddler 9 Bogs Toddler 10

Since Huxley is obsessed with wearing his rain boots out all of the time I would love to be able to pick him up a second pair. Right now my favorites that Bogs offers include the Kids Trucks Rainboots ($50) and the Kids Wall Ball Velcro Boots ($60) are adorable as well.
As you can see I am going to be doing some Bogs shopping soon to mark some cute shoes and boots off of my checklist. I hope that you are going to do the same and check out this amazing high quality brand.  While I will admit that I only thought of rainboots when I thought of the Bogs brand in the past, now I am going to be thinking about all of the cute casual styles that they offer for all occasions.

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