Comfortable Mom Style for Everyday with LulaRoe

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Have you heard of LuLaRoe? If you haven’t then you are truly missing out! This amazing company has set out with the mission to provide women everywhere with a beautiful, colorful, affordable, and comfortable wardrobe. I know that these things might not sound like they could really be achieved with one brand but I have to tell you that they are wrong!


One of the favorite things that I was sent in 2015 were my adorable new clothes from LuLaRoe. These exciting pieces are so comfortable and they look nice too. Plus, they are items that I get complimented on every single time that I walk out my door. I am seriously in LOVE with the clothes and with the new addiction that I have, I see a lot of LuLaRoe in my future (as soon as I am buying clothes again when I hit my weight loss goal)!

A New Addiction to Leggings

If you know me personally, you know that I already have a problem when it comes to leggings. I seriously LOVE them! I am obsessed with how comfortable they are and how great they look – even though I am few sizes bigger than I would like to be.


Well, LuLaRoe has stepped up the leggings game. They offer a great thick yoga band waistband that is so comfortable and also very flattering. I actually feel more confident in these leggings than any other that I own….even though they are quite a bit brighter than colors that I normally wear.

The Irma – It Might Be My Favorite Tunic of All Time!!


(**sorry that I do not have a picture of myself wearing this Irma with the leggings….I will update soon.  My laptop recently crashed and I lost a TON of pictures and work!)

Now another thing that you would know if you were a personal friend of mine is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE tunics! I wear tunics all of the time…whether it be with leggings or jeans or other types of pants! I love the Irma. Now I was first sent the Irma in a size small (which actually fit so that was a shock but it was more like a fitted shirt than the flowy tunic it was supposed to be) and then later I received one in the correct size a large and it is so flowy, roomy and comfortable. However, I still wear them both because the materials are great and they feel so good!

irma 2

(This is the Irma in small on!)

So if you like comfortable clothes….let’s face it, what mom doesn’t!….or if you have a tight budget for clothes then you have got to check out LuLaRoe! One thing to keep in mind is that these clothes are available through consultants. Phil and Danielle are wonderful to deal with and were a joy to work with for this review. I would highly recommend checking their shop out and showing them a little bit of your shopping love!


As you can tell I have the LuLaRoe bug and I can’t wait to be able to purchase some more to enjoy!!!

5 Homeware Trends You Have to Take Note of in 2016

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Do you like staying on top of the most current trends?  Do you read fashion magazines for fun?  If so, there is no reason for you to continue living in an old and outdated home.  Instead, you can make sure that you stay on top of current trends with your décor.  In 2016 there are some fun trends that I personally can not wait to check out!

Trend #1 — Texture


The first trend that you are going to notice in 2016 is texture.  That’s right, there are many different textures that are popular this year.  I love that you can mix and match textures for a unique look.  I have to admit that even at my age I love bling.  I am currently obsessed with the fun Aviva Stanoff Design Mermaid Sequin Pillows.  I love all of the different colors that they come in too!

Trend # 2 — Gold


Since I love bling it is probably no surprise to you that I love gold.  I have to admit that lately I have been on a bit of a gold kick.  I have a gold planner, a gold iPad case, my iPhone is gold, and so is my iPhone case!  That’s right….I jumped on this trend quickly.  When it comes to the home there are a few ways that you can quickly add some gilded love to any room.  I am currently wishing for some gold lamps and lighting in my own home.  I found the World’s Away Westin Lamp in Gold Leaf with Acrylic Base and fell in love with its fun and unique style.

Trend #3 — Sustainable Living


I have to admit with my own passion for thrift store finds that sustainable living is a trend that I can certainly stand behind.  I personally try to find unique pieces at thrift stores or on eBay that are fun and will stand out or mesh well with other trends that I like.  I really love a vintage vase like this one could look amazing next to a new trend like the gold lamp above.

Trend #4 — Artisan Goods


Hand made Artisan good are one of the biggest trends for this year.  One of the things that I love for the home is a beautiful handwoven rug, like this one from NOVICA.  The best thing is that it is hand made and available for you to make a difference in the artist’s life.

Trend #5 — Bold Colors


It seems that bold colors are the rage this year.  This is certainly one trend that is going to be a lot of fun in your home. One of my favorite ways to use a bold color is in one statement piece of furniture and a few basic accessories throughout the room. I love this cute hot pink chaise lounge and how it could be styled in any room. The biggest thing to remember with bold pieces is to keep other pieces in the room neutral and muted.

Creating Your Dream Home with IKEA

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I have to admit that I am a HUGE fan of IKEA.  In fact, many of my favorite pieces of furniture have come from there.  One thing that I have noticed is that people seem to think that IKEA furniture is not the same quality as others, but I think that they are dead wrong.  Yes, I have purchased inexpensive furnishings in the past from other retailers that was cheap made and did not have a lot of quality to it, but when it comes to my purchases from IKEA…I have been nothing but pleased.

Simple Tips to Create Your Dream Home Without Breaking the Bank….Thanks IKEA

Look for Pieces that Match Your Natural Style


Do you have a preference for style?  Most of us do and one of the things that I love most about IKEA is that you can find items from a wide range of styles.  I have a bit of an obsession with mid-century modern furnishings and there are definitely some pieces that I will be picking up in the near future.  I am currently obsessing over this Regissor Coffee Table ($149).  It reminds me of all of my favorite mid century modern pieces.  The best part for me is that it looks like something that I would be spending quite a bit of money on but it is reasonably priced which is always nice when you live on a budget.

Look for Small Ways to Add Big Style to Your Room


Another thing that I love is color but I prefer just splashes of color with overall muted tones.  I love this IKEA PS 2014 Storage Table ($69).  I plan on purchasing two of these for our living room and I love the added bonus that it provides some basic storage.

Look for Comfortable and Fun Seating


When it comes to living room seating, comfort is important.  The Strandmon Wing Chair ($279) is not only comfortable but it is another piece that will make a big statement in your space.  Another great thing about this chair is that it has a ten year warranty.  You won’t have to worry about it no longer working for you in just a few years.  Instead you are going to be able to have it for years to come.

Find Pieces That Fit Your Needs


We don’t have a separate toy room for our kid’s toys.  This is so frustrating!  So I have had to try to maximize style and storage with the shelving units that I choose.  The fact that these Kallax Shelving Units ($199) are so high in quality makes them even better!  We have had some for over two years now and they continue to look new even with the abuse my children put them through.

So when it comes to shopping you do not have to break the bank.  You can have a creative fun space that is completely your own on a budget.

Don’t Let Bladder Leakage Stop You!

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This is a sponsored post but all opinions expressed are my own.

We’ve talked about bladder leakage several times in the past, but I know there are probably some of you who want to know what is light bladder leakage caused from?     It’s caused from a variety of things – pregnancy to age there are a number of reasons a women would get light bladder leakage..  Yes, it’s embarrassing, but there isn’t a whole lot one can do about it other than laugh it off, but be careful you don’t want any leaking lol.  OMG, yes it’s happened to me I’m a mommy!

JENN THE LUCKIES MOM EVERThings have gotten better for me over time but here we are planning yet another baby, and I’m sure that is only going to mean I’m going to have to deal with it yet again.  BLAH bladder leakage, but, this time, I will know to get some Poise panty liners.

They are specially designed for the whole light bladder leakage problem so many of us suffer from and are embarrassed about.  They also stay 3X drier than leading brands of regular size feminine care panty liners. Not to mention that they lock away odor and wetness to keep you feeling dry.  If the Poise Very Light Absorbency Liners are too light you can always get Poise Maximum Absorbency Pads.

Are you embarrassed of light bladder leakage?  If you haven’t had it yet, do you plan on having children?  Many women get it after pregnancy, it’s a part of life.  This is why I choose to openly talk about such issues, they’re normal, tons of ladies suffer from light bladder leakage.  It’s not something we should be ashamed about.  We should talk about it so other women know they’re not going crazy when it happens to them and they know what to do.

It’s nice they are the thing so you don’t feel like you are walking around with a dip on lol.  The next time you need protection that a traditional panty liner can’t offer you be sure to check out Poise.  Not only do they have their panty liners but they have a variety of products specifically for light bladder leaks ago.

I recently picked up some Poise Liners from Sam’s Club for my sister-n-law who just had her little boy, my nephew, Gavin.  He is such a cutie pie, I just want to squeeze him.  I went to Sam’s Club because I love Sam’s Club!  It’s by far my favorite place to shop because I can stock up on items like Poise Liners.

20160110_032210_resizedDo you have a Sam’s Club Membership?  If not be sure to check them out, especially if you are like me and don’t like going to the store all the time so you buy in bulk.

Learn more about the Sams’ Club Membership here,  Poise Very Light Absorbency Liners here, and Poise Maximum Absorbency Pads

Oriental Trading Make Teacher Gifts, Classroom Projects, and Craft Days Easier for Moms

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oriental logo

I have to admit that I am addicted to shopping with Oriental Trading. I am constantly ordering from there even when I am not doing a review. There are so many wonderful things that you can create with your children when you are shopping at Oriental Trading.

oriental 1

This winter I have been working on a few crafts. Sadly, I am posting this review way later than I had planned because of illness and a near hospital stay for myself, I ended up crafting with my kiddos last minute and finishing these up tonight.

Snowman Jar Craft

One of the best winter crafts that I was able to come up with were these adorable snowman jars. The greatest thing about them is that these were done by my four year old! I am actually using this as the classroom craft for the two classrooms that I am volunteering and making crafts for.

oriental 3

I also used it as a teacher gift by filling it with candy and gift certificates to a few local places (coffee and a candy store/lunch place).

oriental 2

This was really easy to create and you only need a few things. Now I will admit that I had high hopes for these Ceramic Mini Flower Pots ($14.50/dozen). I wanted to paint them white and then create the snowmen out of them. Instead they were left plain because after my illness I just did not have the time to do what I wanted to. The great thing is that they are still adorable and this made the craft so much easier.

Basically all that you need is acrylic paints in black, orange, white, and red (price varies) and q-tips. Yes, simple q-tips help the kids to get the circles right and make it possible for them to do everything else. Plus, if you are like me and don’t want to clean paint brushes after a class is done, then you can just toss them.

Adorable Hand Made Books

Another thing that I love is these cute handmade books that we were able to create for the kids’ teachers. We made them into “10 Things I Like About Mrs ____” but there is really so much more that you could personally do with them. We are thinking about making them for grandparents and other family members if we have the time.

oriental 10

All you need for these are crayons or markers, an ink pen, and the DIY Board Books ($7.50/3 pieces). Here are a few of my favorite pages from the books that my littles were able to create.

oriental 4 oriental 5 oriental 6 oriental 7 oriental 8 oriental 9

As you can tell, Oriental Trading can really make your life easier when you are trying to do it all and be a great mom. There is so much that you can offer and so much that you can do when you are trying to create the perfect personalized gift! Plus Oriental Trading offers the best prices that I have seen on these types of items

Make Personalized Gift Giving Simple with Zazzle

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If you have been around Simply Shawn N Jenn since I have been here then you have probably seen some of the amazing gifts that I have been able to create with Zazzle.  This year is no different.  I LOVE Zazzle and have been obsessed with everything that I have purchased.  The quality is the best, the products look amazing, and you really get what you are looking for.  Plus when they have sales the prices simply can’t be beat!!  Recently I was looking for some personalized gifts for our upcoming holiday gift guide, so of course I reached out to Zazzle to see if they would be willing to work with me for a review again.  I was so excited to be able to find gifts for those hard to shop for people that you have on your list.

The Best Gifts for Your Hard to Shop for Family Members

A Great Fun Personalized Gift for a Child that You Love


The Perfect Gift for Your Kids to Give to Grandma


The Gift Every Mom Wants This Year


Get The Very Best Personalized Gifts from Zazzle

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Do you struggle with knowing what to get some of your friends and family for the holidays?  Do you find it hard to find the perfect gift for some of the people on your shopping list?  If so, you might want to check out Zazzle and all of the fun unique products that they have that you can personalize and make your own.

zazzle logo 1

The Perfect Unique Kids Gift

My youngest, Adeline, is three and ever since last Christmas when I was gifted a photo blanket she has been obsessed.  So when I was given the opportunity to review something from Zazzle again this year, I knew that I wanted one of the items to be a photo blanket.  After looking through the vast selection of photo blankets, I finally decided upon the Your Custom Fleece Blanket in purple.  Purple is her favorite color.


Now, I want to share the things that matter most.  The blanket is super plush and soft.  She loves cuddling with it and takes it everywhere with her.  In fact, she even used it recently for show and tell and shared it with her friends!  (Sadly I was unable to find a link to the exact blanket that I had made and even the link from my shipment notification does not work.  This leads me to believe that this exact blanket might not be available anymore!)

photo blanket 1

She was so proud of the blanket and loved telling them all about it!  I love that it has other key features like the letter “A” on it for her name.  This has been great for her letter recognition and now she is writing her “A”s all of the time!

photo blanket 2

A Great Simple Gift for Grandmas

Grandmas are a group of people that I find pretty hard to shop for.  I love giving my mom and my mother in law personalized jewelry with the kids’ pictures on it.  This year I opted for the Mother’s Children Photo Collage Necklace ($27.90).  I found this to be not only cute but something that my mom is certain to love since it displays all of her grandbabies on it.

photo necklace 1

I was pretty impressed with this one when it arrived in the mail.  It is super high in quality which is nice!  It is so cute and the chain and everything look nice and definitely do not look cheap, which at the low price I was a bit worried about!

photo necklace 2

A Gift for Mom

Finally I want to show you a little something that I picked up for myself, I know being Christmas that it is not really something that I should have done but I could not help myself because this was just too cute!

photo box 1

The Photo Collage Custom Digital Picture Memory Box ($61.90) is just beautiful.  The wood is high in quality and I love that it has pictures of all of my favorites on it.  I use it to store all of the little things that I need and I have it proudly displayed on my living room shelf instead of tucked away in the bedroom.  I want everyone to see it!

photo box 3

I have to admit that Zazzle offers all of my favorite custom gifts for the holiday season.  I just love everything that they offer and love that they have so many things to choose from.

zazzle logo 2

SkyZone Kansas City Offers You More for Your Holiday Party

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sky zone 1

Sky Zone is the world’s first indoor trampoline park. We’re the inventors of “fun fitness” and the makers of trampolines as far as the eye can see. We give you one of the greatest workouts ever combined with awesome, healthy fun. We’ve been voted the number one “out of the box” workout and the “best party ever.” Experience WOW – the weightlessness of bouncing, flipping and landing in a pit filled with 10,000 foam cubes.

sky zone 2

We are dedicated to providing you with the pure joy that comes with flying. We are sky lovers, thrill seekers and people who believe that jumping is freedom. We believe fitness can be fun and play can be smart. We are healthy and bursting with energy. We fly high and keep it safe. We are Sky Zone. My Readers Save $3 Off Open Jump at Sky Zone and 10% Off a Supreme Birthday Party. Click on the Sky Zone coupon below for more information and to redeem.

sky zone 3

But What if None of My Kids Have a Winter Birthday?

Why not get your child and their favorite friends together for a fun and exciting holiday party?  Choosing SkyZone for unlimited fun is going to be a great way for you to be able to enjoy the time together.

Easy Fresh Make Up Finds for Fall with Pixi by Petra #PixiBeauty

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Are you looking for the perfect make up finds to update your look for fall.  If you are then you have got to check out Pixi by Petra.  This exciting make up line is available at reasonable prices and offers you all of the high fashion and glam that you are looking for this holiday season.

pixi logo

The key to perfect fall make up is to start with a nice fresh palette with perfectly enhanced skin.  Of course my top pick for having a perfect palette is to start out with highlighting and contouring your face before you put on your foundation.  Pixi offers you a great choice with the Holiday Natural Contour Kit ($24.00).  I personally love that this palette is complete and that it is going to keep me glowing and fresh faced all season long.

pixi 1

Once you have the perfect canvas to start with you will want to make sure that you work to enhance your eyes.  Pixi has taken all of the guesswork out of your purchase with the Mini Endless Silky Eye Pen Kit ($18) which features four different shades.

pixi 3

The great thing about these eye pens is that they can be blended into a shadow which is going to look great, while lasting all day long!  Of course I would add some great mascara to complete the eye look!

pixi 4

Finally it is time to move on to those lips.  I hate whenever I see someone with full make up on and absolutely nothing on their lips.  Even chapstick will add a bit of shine and finish out your look.  I understand not liking lipstick but I will promise you that the Pixi Mini Mattelustre Lipstick Kit ($14.00) gives you more.

pixi 6

These lipsticks feel silky smooth and comfortable.  They are so comfortable in fact that you might even find yourself reaching for them instead of your usual lipstick or lip balm.  I have actually owned this lipstick before and it is a favorite of mine.

pixi 5

Of course, you can probably imagine that since I am a mom of four that I really like finding products that are a great value.  I also like products that are easy to shop for and as a huge fan of Target, I love being able to pick up high quality beauty products like those from Pixi by Petra.

A Few Highlights from These Three Exciting Holiday Kits

**The Natural Contour Kit is perfect for beginners.  It is so easy to use!

**You can create many different holiday looks from the perfect look to take the kids to see Santa to the perfect look for all of the holiday parties that you are excited to attend.  The kit is so versatile that everyone is going to want to have one in their beauty case.

**Endless Silky Eye Pen is an award winner!  Not only is it award winning but it is also waterproof.

**You will love how the Mattelustre lipsticks offer that matte color that is so popular right now without being dry.  Plus the lipstick is long lasting which means that you do not have to reapply all of the time.

Easy Fall and Halloween Decoration Crafts with Oriental Trading

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So we have been getting crafty here at the Walton house.  In fact we have been whipping up some adorable fall/Halloween themed crafts as teacher’s gifts and to sit out around our house (grandma and grandpa might have gotten a few too!).

Two Quick Crafts for Family and Friends

oriental trading 1

Craft 1 — Candy Corn Jars

oriental trading 4

These little candy corn jars are quite simple.  There is not much that you are going to need and you can get it all at Oriental Trading.

What You’ll Need

*DIY Ceramic Mini Flower Pots $14.50/12

*Paintbrushes (I like the Plaid White Nylon Paintbrushes $7.20/10 brushes of different shapes and sizes)

*Yellow Acrylic Paint $4.15

*White Acrylic Paint $4.15

*Black Acrylic Paint $4.15

*Orange Acrylic Paint $4.15

*Masking Tape

Steps to Create Candy Corn Jars

Step 1 — Tape he Middle Stripe

Take one jar and the masking tape and go around making a stripe in the middle of the jar.  I used two pieces of masking tape so that this middle stripe area was completely covered.

Step 2 — Paint the Bottom Stripe White

Have your child (or paint this yourself if you are doing them) paint the bottom stripe white.  Then set these aside until that stripe is dry.

Step 3 — Paint the Top Stripe Yellow

Next paint the top stripe yellow.  Then set this aside until the yellow tape is dry.

Step 4 — Untape and Tape Again

Next you will want to take the masking tape off and then retape along the edges so that your child can easily paint the middle section without messing up the stripes.

Step 5 — Paint the Middle Section Orange

Have your child paint the middle stripe orange now.  Then set this aside to dry.

Step 6 — Untape

Take the tape off of the jar.

Step 7 — Decorate

Now you can skip this step if you do not want to decorate.  We chose to paint the teacher’s initial on the jar.

Step 8 — Fill the Jar

You can fill these cute jars with anything that you want.  We are going to be filling them with mini erasers, pencils, and other things that teachers might need.  We also made one for a Secret Sister exchange for Girl Scouts and we are filling this one with candy corn.

Craft 2 — Easy 2 Step Ghosts

oriental trading 3

These cute ghosts were so simple that you will love creating them with your children.

What You’ll Need

*DIY Ceramic Flower Pots $14.50/12

*Paintbrushes (The Plaid Paintbrush Super Value Pack is a great deal since you get 25 brushes for $7.20!)

*White Acrylic Paint $4.15

*Black Acrylic Paint $4.15

2 Steps to Create Your Ghosts

Step 1 — Paint the Jars White

Turn your jars upside down and paint them white.  Let this dry.

Step 2 — Create Fun Ghost Faces

Next paint on fun ghost faces with black paint.

oriental trading 2

Both of these crafts are cute and fun.  Plus they both make great gifts.  They are so simple that you will enjoy creating them with your children.  Plus they do not create too much of a mess or a headache.